Maid for It

Maid for It In fear for her life after witnessing a powerful drug lord gun down two rivals Gabriela Marquez flees Sinaloa for the safety of the United States No sooner does she arrive however than she s arrest

  • Title: Maid for It
  • Author: Lucy Rodgers
  • ISBN: 9781465788467
  • Page: 481
  • Format: ebook
  • In fear for her life after witnessing a powerful drug lord gun down two rivals, Gabriela Marquez flees Sinaloa for the safety of the United States No sooner does she arrive, however, than she s arrested and threatened with immediate deportation unless she agrees to work for Maid for It, a company providing specialty housekeeping services to high end clients Gabi soon reaIn fear for her life after witnessing a powerful drug lord gun down two rivals, Gabriela Marquez flees Sinaloa for the safety of the United States No sooner does she arrive, however, than she s arrested and threatened with immediate deportation unless she agrees to work for Maid for It, a company providing specialty housekeeping services to high end clients Gabi soon realizes the specialty services she must provide will be of a sexual nature She should refuse, but she can t risk deportation Prostitution is preferable to death.Her first assignment is in the home of Benjamin Hardcastle, a wealthy and reclusive computer security expert He s also Maid for It s most exacting client Determined to please the heretofore unpleasable Mr Hardcastle, Gabi keeps her past a secret If he discovers the truth that she s been coerced into the role of sexual slave he ll send her away.But what begins as a unwelcome obligation becomes an awakening to the incredible pleasures of domination, bondage, and submission As Gabi discovers she truly is made for it, her secret looms larger, threatening her survival in an entirely unexpected way.

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    1. This lost 1 star from the get-go for present tense. I wished authors would stop using it. Rages up the pretentious so-hip scale. Unpalatable prose is the result.Then, the premise sounded interesting, a woman fleeing from certain death in her own country, only to be blackmailed into an elaborate slave-type prostitution upon arrival in the USA. But the story lost it completely already during warm-up. I can't say how much I loathe reading these:- women who barely shrug at being presented with force [...]

    2. romancenoveljunkies /for readers & book loversIEF SUMMARYGabriela was found guilty for illegally crossing the border into the Unites States. She is in fear of returning home to Mexico after witnessing a gruesome crime between drug lords. Her guilty verdict is being void because the company Maid for It, own by Mr. Daniels will hire her and apply for a proper visa for Gabriela. What Gabriela slowly comes to realize is that Maid for It is not only about cleaning but also pleasing the owner and [...]

    3. MAID FOR IT is one of the smartest read that I've had in a while and one of the few which manages to portray the start of a BDSM relationship (specifically, master/slave) in a realistic manner. I highly recommend this novella to anyone who is curious about this genre but prefer to dip their toes in rather than plunge straight into the deep end.(Psst! It's still free on as of this review's posting.)Why it's a smart read: Incredibly well-written, MAID FOR IT follows the budding relationship over [...]

    4. Now this is what I like in a BDSM short story. An introduction to a new author who writes quite well. Ms. Rodgers is an author I'm going to have to keep my eye one. This is a 3.5 star for me. The BDSM elements were tasty and just a bit of a tease. Nothing gritty is described. It's all a bit glossed over. The plot was very plausible. What I liked was reading it from Gabi's point of view. This story is actually rather sweet and redeeming for both characters. The writing for a free book was pleasin [...]

    5. this novella was so strange. for every thing that worked there were two things that didn't work. the set up pulled me in. normal woman pulled into the submissive sex trade to save her own life. cool. bring on the story. and then the story falls crazy flat. the sex is way hot, but the main character just left me scratching my head which was a huge problem because its written in first person and you only get her POV. there is a nice level of submission, but the sex acts themselves are very tame. j [...]

    6. i found this book rather disturbing, though the writing itself was good. the premise that a woman could, through well-meaning intentions, end up in the hands of human trafickers (sp?), and then basically be sold to a wealthy man as a slave, and i do mean slave, and then have the heroine discover that though she is scared she will be discovered in the US and be killed, she also likes the bdsm that her master subjects her to, just sort of icks me out. i have read other books in the bdsm genre befo [...]

    7. This was a quick, semi-enjoyable dubcon novella, but I found it really disappointing. The sample sells a BDSM-esque story with dubious consent, but the book quickly devolves into a run-of-the-mill erotic romance. The hero is a rich businessman, the heroine's a virgin, deus ex machina is the book's middle name and 90% of the sex is pure vanilla.If you like dubcon/noncon, this won't scratch that itch. There's no moral ambiguity in this tale. If anything, this is a sweet, padded My First Dubcon Ero [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book it's a short read, it's only 68 pages, it contained some hot sex scenes, my fave being the dungeon.How Gabi ended up there was a little farcical with her education, but I enjoyed how she realised what she liked. I liked the way there relationship developed and became something else. Worth a read.Contains Bdsm and anal play

    9. When I first started reading I was disappointed to think it was just going to be smut with no story as it read a bit like a bad porn scene but that soon changed. It turned into a blend of good story and good sex. Enjoyable quick read.

    10. Nice plot, nice sex scenes. The insecurities from the female protagonist is a bit too much and has no reason, but otherwise it's good!

    11. Maid For It was an extremely well wrote, very erotic, awesomely fast read! I really liked this one a lot! I managed to read it all in one shot, which everyone knows is hard for me to do. I tend to need to step away for a bit while reading something. Even with novellas. This particular one was so hot I couldn’t put it down! When it was over I wanted more even…Gabi’s life has just taken a complete nosedive. Having witnessed a murder by a drug lord, she fled to the US to save her life. Instea [...]

    12. Originally reviewed at AsianCocoa's Secret Garden3.5 StarsMaid for It was a quick, steamy, erotic read. There was some dubious consent involved so be aware. Gabriela Marquez has left her small town in Mexico. She is an eye witness to a murder involving a major drug cartel and her family fears for her life. They hire a pollero to get her over the border into the United States. Unfortunately, Gabi’s safe house is raided by immigration officials and she finds herself in danger of deportation unle [...]

    13. I'll warn potential readers that there is one semi-consensual scene in this book. It's at the very beginning and is the very first sex scene in the book. After that point the scenes are consensual between our two main characters. It could be argued that Gabi is only performing the sex out of fear of being deported, but if I'd say that this is only the case in the very, very beginning with the first oral scene in the car.All in all, I loved this novella. It's short, sweet, and to the point with n [...]

    14. This was a nice surprise. A well rounded novella written in the first person that was far better than I'd anticipated both from the title and the fact that I was fortunate enough to have this as a free read. It is a story I would be happy to buy in the reasonably priced range. The story is told in the first person, Gabi's story is of blackmail and being forced into apparently agreed acceptance of what is an initially nonconsensual relationship though Ben the Dominant isn't aware of this as it's [...]

    15. This was a extremely pleasant surprise! While looking at possible books, this one caught my eye and then I saw it was free on the my Kobo, so I got to check it out for free - and it won't be last Maid for it book!Mexican Gabi is caught sneaking into the US, and she can't go back home because she has seen a drug cartel hit and will be killed. She is whisked away by a maid service only to be asked to service the owner in a limo. Trouble is, she kind of likes it. Her first assignment is to the recl [...]

    16. This book has absolutely nothing to do with the mafia! With that being said I really liked the story! The storyline is excellent, the characters and their chemistry is excellent, story had a decent balance of suspense and intrigue, and the sex scene are HOT!! Gabi is an illegal immigrant running from a powerful Mexican drug lord. The first day at the "safe house" it is raided. The " judge" threatens to deport her if she doesn't agree to work for Maid For It. This "maid service" caters to the ric [...]

    17. This book was more than just a short story but not quite a book. Maybe it was because I liked the story and the writing so much, I didn't notice my pet peeve of the main characters feeling every emotion including instant love by the third paragraph. The editing had some mistakes that could have easily been fixed if proofread better, so there is no excuse for that. So why am I rating a four? Mainly, it is due to the fact that I have read in the 2 days since two full length books and at least 10 s [...]

    18. Suprisingly good – well-written and engaging, with a (sort of) believable story line, given the heroine’s total naivety and background, that she might be so terrified of being returned to her homeland where she has witnessed a crime involving some very bad people who she fears will kill her, that she goes along with everything that’s demanded of her to remain in the U.S. – to the point of jumping into a swimming pool when her ‘master’ tells her to, even though she can’t swim – a [...]

    19. Maid for It by Lucy RodgersOverall I liked the story but had a couple of issues with Gabi and the naiveté she displayed in going along with the whole ‘Maid’ no questions asked. She was an educated woman so I would think she would have balked/questioned at some point. There was one scene that had me questioning her mental state (view spoiler)[Ben tells Gabi to go cool off in the pool not knowing she can’t swim and she just jumps in! I would think self preservation would have kicked in but [...]

    20. I would not normally choose to read a book like this, but since it was a novella, and kept popping up, I figured I'd see what the reviews were all about. It's not nearly as harsh as I expected and as described. It's not really my cup of tea, but it was written well enough for me to be intrigued by the story line and characters. The synopsis says it all so I don't need to elaborate on the story. Some found the premise a little disturbing, but since it is a HEA it really wasn't all that bad. Descr [...]

    21. This short story features a heroine who is forced into working for 'Maid for It' a high priced maid service where the maids do more than just clean, they have sex too. The heroine in this story is on the run from Mexico and forced to work for the company. She is forced to perform acts in fear for being deported to Mexico. The story is not that long and the scenes would be a fetishist's wet dream. It is not bad and it does have a plot. I will read the next in the series in the near future. The pr [...]

    22. think I am being generous giving 3 stars, probably because I have read another four books since so trying to remember the plot.In terms of BDSM, umm there wasn't a lot of it. I think I found the story lacking as POV was entirely Gabbi and I found that strange. Plus the whole witnessing murder etc. It would flowed to have that whole story set up better instead of this highly educated woman supposedly (as she never acted that way) and just accepting the whole prostitution thing. Oh and the blow jo [...]

    23. It was a good read, and learnt a few things about master/slave relationships. Their relationship was deeper and much more intense, nothing like other bdsm fiction I’ve read in the past.What I really liked about this novella was its consistency. A lot was covered in the space of 26 pages, it was all in pace and nothing too descriptive and most of all I didn’t feel like the writing was rushed. I felt like each word had a purpose which is a hard thing to get right.For those reasons I give this [...]

    24. 2.75-3.0 RATING- From the books About the Author blurb: Lucy Rodgers writes dark erotic tales that explore the three C's: consent, coercion, and captivity. Those three words sum up nicely the major element of this book. It's definitely erotica, a bit raunchy, and although the subject matter is dark, I didn't find it as dark as some of the full-length "dark" reads I've read in the last year. Perhaps I'm becoming immune. Overall, it was an okay read for such a short book. Nothing that memorable bu [...]

    25. I felt like this book was disturbing. I mean I know it was just a book but still some things in it bothered me. I did complete it and it had a good ending but it was heart breaking for me because to me a book lets your mind wander and this book I did not want to wander there. I understand the meaning and I felt bad for the girl in this story and she finally got happinesss but she went through crap to get a little.

    26. This was a very well written and well rounded short story. My only complaint was the first person narrative form. For me when reading about total power exchange and particularly one of dubious consent, it is much easier to buy into the relationship when you get both points of view. That said, Ms. Rodgers did an excellent job exposing Ben's vulnerabilities and growing feelings for Gabi even without hearing his point of view. Maid for It, kept my attention and interest through till the end.

    27. Gabriela is taken advantage of and used without her consent. Evan Daniel is a horrible user. Benjamin Hardcastle appears at first to be just as bad as the rest of the men we have met but when the truth of the full level of deception is uncovered he turns out to one of the good guys. This story if full of layers and complications. When you start you can see nothing but sadness and tragedy but the last third of the book delivers a powerful HEA.

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