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Kiss of Pride Her books are always fresh romantic inventive and hilarious New York Times bestselling author Susan WiggsTrust the always original wonderfully fun Sandra Hill to do the wildly unexpected With Kiss

  • Title: Kiss of Pride
  • Author: Sandra Hill
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  • Page: 112
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  • Her books are always fresh, romantic, inventive, and hilarious New York Times bestselling author Susan WiggsTrust the always original, wonderfully fun Sandra Hill to do the wildly unexpected With Kiss of Pride, the New York Times bestselling author best known for her steamy and hilarious romance novels featuring lusty Viking heroes and heroines turns the paranormal ro Her books are always fresh, romantic, inventive, and hilarious New York Times bestselling author Susan WiggsTrust the always original, wonderfully fun Sandra Hill to do the wildly unexpected With Kiss of Pride, the New York Times bestselling author best known for her steamy and hilarious romance novels featuring lusty Viking heroes and heroines turns the paranormal romance genre upside down with the first in a seductive new series that features Viking vampire angels A refreshingly unique, utterly satisfying love story that puts the super in supernatural, Kiss of Pride tells the tantalizing tale of a lady reporter who falls under the sway of a sexy Norse vampire on a thousand year mission who might be an angel too good to be true or too devilishly bad to resist

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Sandra Hill is a graduate of Penn State and worked for than 10 years as a features writer and education editor for publications in New Jersey and Pennsylvania Writing about serious issues taught her the merits of seeking the lighter side of even the darkest stories She is the wife of a stockbroker and the mother of four sons.This biography was provided by the author or their representative.


    1. WARNING: GIFs GIFs GIFs. Also SPOILERS and SHAMELESS PICSPAM.Despite having less than positive experiences in the past with Sandra Hill, I still ventured into this new series of hers for two of the Worst Possible Reasons:1) I was dared to read it and my life is one sad story of reading crap books because my inner snark demon rules the roost & my GR friends callously take advantage of that; and2) from a distance, the cover model sorta kinda looked like a young Michael Biehn, albeit not nearly [...]

    2. I really, really wanted to love this book. Come on! Viking vampire angels?? That sounds awesome, right? Only it really wasn't.The basic premise is that back in the day, the Vikings pissed off God with their heathen ways and worship of other deities. He was going to smite them all, until the Archangel Michael convinced Him to give them a chance at redemption. They would live as vampires/ angels-in-training for hundreds of years. Their mission is twofold. --1-- To fight demons who wish to harvest [...]

    3. Attempted on 7/27/16Dnf'd @ 28%~~~~~~~Before Reading~~~~~~~~I'll take a wack at it lol~~~~~~~After Reading~~~~~~~~I just can't. I tried. I failed. I can't do this to myself. I don't need to put myself through it. I just can't.

    4. Redonk Nutshell: Viking turned Vampire-Angel finds himself falling for a mortal journalistAlexandra Kelly is sent to a rural town in Pennsylvania that has renamed itself Transylvania. Why you ask? Because a new mysterious resident has moved in and purchased the derelict castle on the mountain and is rumored to be turning it into a hotel. It's dark. It's mysterious. And, hey, vampires are all the rage so let's go hog wild! When Alex shows up to meet aforementioned new resident, Vikar Sigurdsson, [...]

    5. Kiss of Pride is book one in the Deadly Angels series by Sandra Hill and narrated by Erin Bennett. Well I really wanted to like this book. I found the concept of Viking Warrior Angel Vampires to be cool, but unfortunately Kiss of Pride didn’t work out for me. I had a tone of issues.To start I was confused throughout the book. The explanation’s of things where confusing. We have the Vangels, the good guys, then Lucipires, the bad guys, and then their are their servants who have all these weir [...]

    6. Long ago God created “good” vampires to fight the dark ones that roamed the earth. Vikar Sigurdsson and his six brothers are all Vikings who have disappointed God with their many sins. Ready to banish the race from the Earth altogether, Archangel Michael stepped in and came up with a plan for “good” vampires to be created. And so the “Viking vampire angel” was born. They are actually more angels in training. For seven hundred years, Vikar and his brothers have to do penance, doing Mi [...]

    7. I have to admit, time traveling Viking vampire angels is a first. This book was several firsts for me. It is the first and certainly not the last Sandra Hill book for me. This is also the first Viking book I’ve ever read. I’m also not sure what I expected going into Kiss of Pride, but it is definitely not what got. What I got was a book that mixes so many different elements that are extremely popular in paranormal romances at the moment, a group of highly entertaining vangels, a cynical/sarc [...]

    8. Sandra Hill is either a madwoman or a genius. This book was either the worst piece of erotic fiction I have ever read, or a brilliant work of satire. I'm just going to have to read the next book in the series. You know, for science.

    9. This was my first Sandra Hill read and I am extremely happy to have read it.The paranormal world that Sandra has woven brings together some well used aspects but also adds a lot of exciting new ones.Vikar is not only a Viking Warrior but he is also an angel and vampire – so put it all together and he and his brothers are Vangle’s.So you get the mix of alpha Viking dominance along with the bad boy appeal of a vampire, then the good guy qualities of an angel. And each aspect plays a big part i [...]

    10. Sandra Hill has always been so good at writing Vikings and time-travel. Her earliest works are among my favorite books (The Outlaw Viking in particular) so I think that that is why she thought that if she took her Vikings and stuck some fangs on them and then added a lot of religion into the book that this would captivate her core audience.This book has all of Ms Hills tried and true moves so if you love her works you may really love this. Unfortunately, it takes more that updating Vikings to Vi [...]

    11. Light. Ridiculous. Funny. The sexiest near-sex I have ever read! On top of that, these are Vikings turned Vangels (Vampire Angels) under the strict tutelage of Arcangel Michael. Fierce warriors who are at war with Lucipires, fighting over souls who are on the verge of committing mortal sins.Vikar and Alex's love story is your typical rogue meets the stubborn heroine and all those delicious wooing and romance one finds in romance novels. Sure it follows a formula but Sandra Hill worked it real go [...]

    12. oh god never again. How hard is it to write silly sexy fluff without including rape, torture, AIDS, slut shaming, dead children, guilt, the holocaust, regressiveness and gut churning cod christian sanctimony, and somehow expecting us to laugh? Really hard apparently, because this book couldn't do it.

    13. Book: Kiss of Pride (Deadly Angels #1)Author: Sandra HillPublication Date: 4/24/2012Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 4 Stars REVIEW *May contain spoilers *I read this book originally back in 2013 with no clue about leaving a review. I truly enjoyed this book and now I have the audible also. We get not just Vikings but we get Angels and Vampires too. How?Well Michael is forming a new enterprise. He is given approval from the highest power and his boss God. Vangels. Yes, Viking/ [...]

    14. I was thrilled when I first heard of the absurd premise: Vampire Viking Angels (or should it be Viking Vampire Angels or Angel Vampire Vikings?). I so desperately wanted to like this book and I just couldn't finish it. I gave up about halfway through.*Minor Spoilers Ahead*These VVAs as I call them, are tasked with saving souls that have been targeted by demons. I was fine with this. I was not fine with the Christian messages that got more and more heavy handed as the book went on. The heroine lo [...]

    15. From Sandra Hill's web :"Expect not just Viking Navy SEALs with this book, but a Viking Vampire Angel Navy SEAL. Wild doesn’t begin to describe my Vangel Trond Sigurdsson. Let’s just say the SEALs may never recover"Bold : BDB by J.R.Ward + Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh + Viking NAVY SEALs by Sandra Hill herself : THAT!! Wonder if he's virile too? *grin*And I will make sure to read this, since I'm fans of Sandra Hill's books (don't judge me, people)UPDATE Via Jen, one of my friend, the hero n [...]

    16. Ms. Hill has turned her favorite theme of irreverent and sexy Vikings and sent them on a journey no Viking was ever meant to go. The result is an amazing array of characters who battle the ultimate evil all the while entertaining readers with that unique sense of comedic timing Ms. Hill has honed to perfection. It’s not as light and fluffy as I’m used to but there is an awfully good reason for that. Ever hear of Viking vampire angels in training? No? Then get settled in a comfy chair because [...]

    17. I've heard of this author before and I actually try to broaden my horizon (aka give as many authors as I can a chance, so I'll one day be even more broke) when it comes to paranormals, except this book is mostly a regret. This story makes me wonder if the author was on crack. In a good way, this is a story about ex-time-travelling Viking Vampire Angel Navy Seals, which is so made of win that I can't even stop to think about the many loopholes. In a bad way, this is supposed to be taken seriously [...]

    18. Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: An intriguing new twist on vampires and angels. Quirky humor that will have you laughing but really slow pacing hinders the story.Opening Sentence: Out of the barren glaciers and snow-capped mountains, fjords emerged like shimmering snakes, and a god-like race was created.The Review:Viking vampire angels or vangels as they call themselves are a captivating new “species” in Kiss of Pride. The seven sons of Sigurd have royally angered God [...]

    19. I apologize in advance. I finished this book less than an hour ago and I'm having trouble pinpointing exactly what I want to say so this is going to be a massive brain dump.Honestly, I can't believe I just read that. Though I suppose with a series name like "Deadly Angels" how could I not?Though I probably should have known with a Viking Vampire Angel hero it was going to be a tough sell.Dear Aspiring Paranormal Romance Writers~A brooding, repenting hero in the midst of reform is always good! It [...]

    20. This is a really fun book. Vikar and his brothers were Vikings sentenced by God to become vampire angels and to go about trying to save lost souls from the demon vampires sent by Lucifer. Each of the brothers was guilty of one of the seven deadly sins - Vikar's was pride. He has been a vain man and is still trying to fight that sin. When Alex shows up to interview him he wants nothing to do with her, until he discovers that she is contemplating a mortal sin and he needs to save her. He is also i [...]

    21. The Seven brothers (Ivak, Trond, Vikar, Harek, Sigurd, Cnut and Mordr) each committed one of the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride) and were punished by God to become vampire/angels-in-training for 700 years with their sentence extended for every non-Christian act/thought. This is Vikar's story and he has been a vangel (yes that is what they call themselves) for 1162 years. I guess he's a really bad boy! His current task is to renovate a rundown castle in Tra [...]

    22. Originally posted at PaperbackDolls.I really do try my best to finish every book. If the story is interesting enough, I will find the strength to muddle my way through to the end. It’s a compulsion for me, the NEED to know what will happen next. Slowly but surely, I’m learning quickly to just stop instead of subjecting myself further to a book I just don’t like.Kiss of Pride should have been a triple threat. I mean Viking Vampire Angels? Score, right? Unfortunately for me, no. I tried real [...]

    23. ******* 4 STAR REVIEW******IM IN-LOVE WITH THIS BOOK/CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK IN SERIES!I really enjoyed this book! Loved learning about the vikings and sandra did a wonderful job explaining the world, characters, events etc. i was never confused. i didn't have to say " i didnt think he had wings yet?" that was a very nice change from previously read books by other authors. Characters: though a bit far fetched, vangels i LOVE them! I must say the names were strange but atleast i can remember [...]

    24. Not my usual romance read. I was about to - DNF - a few chapters in as I like my vamps, angels, and viking alpha heroes separate, but equal. This was damn confusing.He nodded. "I've had a thousand years to live with these anomalies, and I still don't understand half of them."But I stuck with it, and I'm glad I did. Once I was comfortable with the voice and pace of the writing, it was a very enjoyable story. Ms. Hill introduces a different type of vampire lore while maintaining the basics of the [...]

    25. Disclaimer/rebuttal: The title of the SERIES is Deadly ANGELS. That's A. N. G. E. L. Angel. I just assume when I see a book is about an angel that there are religious references. Why anyone would feel blindsided by that in a book about an angel, I have no idea. Perhaps they should actually, I dunno, look at the title of the series or the synopsis first.Off soap box.Ms Hill has two basic writing styles - the one used in a lot of the Viking I entries, and the one in the Viking II, much of the Caju [...]

    26. Ok, I won't lie this one took me a couple chapters to get into because the premise is just kind of out there. Vikar is a vangel. What is that? It is a Viking Vampire Angel. Yup, like I said, out there. At first I wasn't so sure about this idea, while the concept of the vangels is being explained some of the text comes across as a bit "preachy" but since it is St. Michael the archangel doing the explaining that is a bit expected. However, once you get past that the story is a hoot and a half. I e [...]

    27. Taken from my review on RomanceJunkies:A sizzling hot, hilarious read, KISS OF PRIDE, the first book in award winning author Sandra Hill’s DEADLY ANGELS series, is a delightful paranormal romance that will have you alternately fanning yourself and laughing out loud. Ms. Hill, who is known for love, laughter and sizzle, definitely does not disappoint with this awesome new book, which readers will find hard to put down. I loved the originally creative concept behind Ms. Hill’s latest DEADLY AN [...]

    28. I'd say the best word that describes this book is "frustrating". It is frustrating that this book had a great potential and didn't realize it. It is frustrating that some parts of it were pretty awesome and some were just bad. And the worst of it is that I'm reading about a huge war between angel vampires and demon vampires and how there are casualties on both sides. And it all ends with a hero getting captured by his nemesis and suffers from his hands while all his friends and family think of h [...]

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