Here Be Sexist Vampires

Here Be Sexist Vampires Note Original cover edition for ASIN B XHT RESam Parker is a vampire with a gift so strong and substantial that she is invited to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire s pri

  • Title: Here Be Sexist Vampires
  • Author: Suzanne Wright
  • ISBN: 9781481978064
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Note Original cover edition for ASIN B006XHT9RESam Parker is a vampire with a gift so strong and substantial that she is invited to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire s private army She finds that not only has the army never included a woman, but it has never included a Svent vampire a breed that is regarded by the super strong Pagori breedNote Original cover edition for ASIN B006XHT9RESam Parker is a vampire with a gift so strong and substantial that she is invited to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire s private army She finds that not only has the army never included a woman, but it has never included a Svent vampire a breed that is regarded by the super strong Pagori breed and the hypnotically beautiful Keja breed to be too tame and human like Most refuse to take her seriously, especially a Pagori commander named Jared who she craves in spite of herself.The Grand High Master, however, sees her potential and offers her the position of Jared s co commander to help train the newest squad in time for the impending attack on his home Sam has to demonstrate to Jared and the squad of chauvinists why it is incredibly foolish to underestimate a wilful, temperamental, borderline homicidal Svent female Warning This novel contains an iron willed female vampire with an energy whip, a sexist male vampire who is determined to have her, explicit vampy sex, and a romance story with real bite.

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      Suzanne Wright lives in England with her husband, two children, and her Bengal cats When she s not spending time with her family, she s writing, reading, or doing her version of housework sweeping the house with a look.


    1. I am so excited!!! I just discovered a new vampire series!!! And I am beyond thrilled!!!Suzanne Wright has created the most exciting and yes, different world of vampires in her Deep in Your Veins Series.Three different kinds of vampires,d each vampire with their very own special powers. “Three breeds? Well you see, basically, you know how there are varying accounts of vampires? Some humans report us to be terribly aggressive with hulk-like strength, some report us to be entrancingly beautiful [...]

    2. 6 who's your mama starsSam"Female or not, I reckon I’ve got bigger balls than you have.”Vampire Breed: Sventé - tame and human-likeSpecial Gift: FeederPrevious Employment: Chief AssassinFavorite weapon: "Bolts, beams, balls, but I like the whip best. It’s more fund natural energies, the classical elements; air, water, fire and earth.”Goal: To finally be free of her Sire, Victor, by any means necessaryBest Described as: "very crazy, borderline-homicidal – on second thought, scrap the b [...]

    3. 5 Sexy Sexist Vampire stars!!! I freakin loved this book. The chemistry between Sam and Jared was explosive Wow loved that she kicks his ass more than onceJared:Jared is a super sexy, alpha male who never had a woman make him work for it and it was so much fun watching him and sam go at it.Sam:Sam was a sexy, smart mouth woman with a great power and she kicked total asse pushes Jared and shows him and everyone else that just because you are a girl doesn't mean you can't kick major ass. I loved h [...]

    4. 5 BITE ME STARS." Well I love that sexist twat just because."This book is immediately hitting my love-you-forever-and ever-shelf, and in honor of this fantastic author a new shelf has been added; Addicted to this author. This book was a real honest to goodness, 'I don't want to put you down ever' page turner. I've had this book on my kindle for some time now and after feeling in the mood for a bit of paranormal loving I knew I could turn to this author and she would deliver and deliver she did. [...]

    5. Oh my gosh, so much fun! And, I had a few doubts at first, but they were quickly thrown out the window as the baddest badass female heroine ever made me want her in my girl-tribe.Sam (Samantha) is in the weakest of the three vampire races, but she has a special ability that is rarely seen and is therefore offered a job with the vampire king. Now, first I need to address the "special snowflake syndrome" that might go through your mind. Yes, she's special, but she isn't the most powerful vampire e [...]

    6. I Love it when the Heroine teaches the Hero a little RESPECT!!!I read the sample of this book and Immediately bought it!!Samantha gets recruited to try out for a job to be a member of the Grand High Master Vampire's Guard. She's a Badass and totally deserves the job.Samantha ParkerBut the Sexist Commander refuses to give it to her, especially after she whips his ass in competition!!But fate has bigger plans in store for Sam and her sexxy, sexist commander, Jared.I had my ass kicked by a womanI h [...]

    7. ★★★★ 4 stars!Well, what can I say Suzanne Wright has done it again! She's the queen of the strong, feisty female leads and the deliciously brooding alpha males! From the moment I started reading this book I could not put it down. Chapter after chapter the story became more interesting and before I knew it I'd already reached the final page. With all the fights and action going on as well as Sam and Jared's constant bickering, there was never a dull moment and all the equally unique side [...]

    8. Listen book, I know it's not your fault that your author doesn't know what a thesaurus is, but I can't give you 5 stars when you use the word giggle in such excess that I want to cauterize the word out of you. Why would any author use giggle, fucking giggle to describe how all the men laugh, at all times. There are no guffaws, deep belly laughs, chuckles, or chortles to be had in this book. You get a laugh or snicker here or there, but fuck the word giggle. Now that that's off my back, to the ac [...]

    9. 4 Sexist StarsIt's official, Suzanne Wright writes the absolute best female leads! Sam is smart, mouthy, strong, mouthy, level-headed, did I mention she is mouthy? Loved her!!Sam is a Svente vampire. These vampires are more human like than the Pagoris (known for their super strength) and Kejas (known for their hypnotic beauty). All vampires have gifts. Sam's gift is she is a Feeder. She can feed on the energy surrounding her, absorb it and control it. She can also take gifts from other vampires [...]

    10. Wow.The question I asked myself several times while reading this book was 'why haven't I read this sooner?'I suppose in this case it's easy since neither the title nor the original cover appealed to me I'd continually skipped past it in fact it was only seeing my friends reviews come through that made me even look twice.The Phoenix Pack series by this author has been on my to-read list for years and once I've finished with 'Deep In Your Veins' I'm really going to have to get started on that.Anyw [...]

    11. 4 Delicious Sventé Bites Induced Orgasms My JaredMy Sam *** This definitely was a delicious and fun paranormal read. It focuses a bit more on action and paranormal aspect with a side of paranormal romance/steam. If it is for you proceed to read it you won't be sorry as I have yet to be disappointed by S. Wright's stuff. ***Sam Parker is a Sventé vampire who is offered a chance at being a part of The Grand High Master's personal army/legion. She jumps at that chance as it would help her get awa [...]

    12. I can't believe I waited this long to read this book!I can honestly say this is one of my favorite vampire books, and thats a big deal because i've literarlly read hundreds of them. Let me break it down: sneaky emperor, 3 unique breeds of vampires, threat of war on the balance, and the FIRST FUCKING FEMALE COMMANDER OF LEGION VAMPIRE ARMY!!! Samantha aka Sam is one of the lowest ranking vampires but she won't take no shit from anyone! And the fact she was so low honestly made her character 1000X [...]

    13. Ho.Lee.Shit.I.JUSTUND.ARFECTTTLEWEL.It was concise, to-the-point, gripping, thrilling, and entertaining as hell.:DA vampire race with powerful gifts, preparing for the imminent battle.A strong-willed heroine, set on proving herself against the prejudice of her own race.A commander antagonizing and driving her nuts.A laughing-out-loud, crazy-as-hell adventurous, sexually charged experience merged with the telltale signs of romance.Jared: God I loved this woman: this very crazy, borderline-homicid [...]

    14. RE-READ June 18th, 2017.I love Suzanne Wright's imagination, humor and a perfect set of main and secondary characters to hold every aspect of a brilliantly interesting suspenseful plot filled with action, bickering, banter, thrill and tensionjust in the right moment, just for the perfect imaginary set of displayIf you are looking for a fantasy thrill with smart, strong and feisty vampire heroine, that can take on an arrogant, smug and dominant alpha to change his perfectives and further actionsa [...]

    15. 5 fantastic starsI F-LOVED this book. It's x-men meets vampires, superpowers and all. And it's a series too The heroine was kick-ass, sassy and took no nonsense from the hot, arrogant, sexist hero!Loved this couple, loved the banter and this story had the best action.A DEFINITE RECOMMENDATION!

    16. I enjoyed this book - nice storyline, great characters (especially Sam!) and full of humour. However, I will say that the experience was marred a little bit by a few things.There were a few little mistakes scattered throughout the book which didn't bother me overmuch, but the repeated use of 'seen' instead of 'seeing' (as in, 'seen as' instead of 'seeing as' or 'seen that' instead of 'seeing that so and so') was a bit distracting. I also wished that the characters weren't constantly described as [...]

    17. 5 Great biting stars!!I was in the mood for a vampire book (which is already weird since I’m not normally the biggest fan of PNR), and somehow this one stumbled on my sight. Well, it was a good thing that it did because this was just… awesome. Vampires totally got on my high ranking again! So, basically Sam is a Sventé vampire, the less powerful of the three breeds of vampires, but she is unusual strong and gifted. So she is scouted to be a member of the High Master security team and anxiou [...]

    18. A few weeks ago I was spoiling a book… I was having very much fun… my friend Iva a little less! *wink*So she said she’ll forgive my bad behaviour if I read this book.Since I really want her forgiveness I’ve read it and SHE WAS RIGHT!!!This book is really, really good!!! I thought that this would be a usual vampire book, but it was not!Here the vampires are like super-heroes in Marvel’s comics.Sam, the heroine, is awesome! She’s strong, she’s sassy, she’s smart and she’s hilario [...]

    19. [image error]This book was so good. As in WOW!!!!! Sam & Jared will be my 1st fave couple for 2013. They both feisty, sexy, kiss ass vamp, and both as Alpha h/h. I ♥ their chemistry, witty banters & duel both in and out of bed. There is no steamy smexy not until 70% of the book but all their fights was part of a long foreplay. And when they finally do it, It was one of the hottest VAMP Sex ever! I love Sam's power, full of action and lots of adventure. Two POV which I also love. Super [...]

    20. WOW! I simply could not put this down the chemistry between Sam and Jared was scorching and their back and forth banter and ass kicking was all a bunch of serious foreplay Sam is one super kick ass vamp and she takes no shit off of anyone she's beautiful, tough, but also with a soft sexy side. Jared is an extreamly hot dickhead who knows exactly how to push Sam's buttons and whoa does he press her buttons. Sam and Jared knew their feelings for each other for most of the book and didnt deny it bu [...]

    21. 5 starsThe Grand Master recruits new vampires. Among them is a female vampire, Sam. Jared isn't too happy about it. Sexist or what?!Why did disputing get this bloke horny?I love the push and pull in the story and not 'insta love->sex->I love you'. I was a bit bored with the training/coaching but otherwise I was gripped. Great sexual tension and love the banter. My third Suzanne Wright book and it was another hit. I love the characters she creates, the sex scenes was smoking hot and I love [...]

    22. Read 18th July 2015 - 5 StarsReread 09th October - still 5 Stars. This is the second time that Ms. Wright has got me out of my book funk. Ms. Wright is my go to author if I need a pick me up and I got this with Sam & Jared. This isn’t your standard vampire series. It’s better. Much better, fucking brilliant. Sleep is really overrated if you ask me. Could. Not. Put. It. Down. 5 homicidal stars. There are three different types of vampires. The Sventé; who are the most human and not as str [...]

    23. When Sam Parker was turned into a vampire, she did not realize her life would take a dramatic turn. As a consort/assassin for the last three years for her vile maker, Sam just tries to get by on a daily basis looking for an out. That out comes in the form of a mind changing offer, try out for the Grand High Masters Vampire Army. It is a rare offer especially for a woman, but Sam's gifts are unprecedented and would be a huge asset to the Army.Of course when she meets Commander and heir to the Gra [...]

    24. Was this an awesome book?Do i now want to have vampire babies with Jared?Do i now also have a crush on Sam?Do i seriously recommend you read this book?

    25. The word giggle gives me the heebie-jeebies unless it's associated with a kid. When it's a kid who is giggling it's sounds a bit adorable, but with grown-ups it's plain WRONG. This is the the mental taste it leaves me with;So you can understand why I would want to hit Sam ,the heroine, on the mouth with a shovel everytime she giggled. But something inside of me died when Jared ,the hero, did the same. Fuck you very much Suzanne Wright for giving us a lovable hero despite of being an asshat with [...]

    26. Suzanne Wright has become a big hit for me. I've read all three of her books and they are all amazing. The characters are strong and there is a lot a humour. I love them. I hope she turns this book into a series, because there were lots of other characters in the book that I would love to read more about. This book was great, there was a unique spin on the vampires, it wasn't just the same old storyline. And I loved Sam, I would want her for a best friend. She was a great female lead, really str [...]

    27. I'm sorry Melissa, I tried. Vampire books are still not my thing. Well, it's not that they aren't my thing but I have a particular type that I like.It was an enjoyable read but not one that I will be revisiting in the future. It's not that they give me the creeps but I guess part of my mind is screaming at me while I'm reading saying "Vampires are dead! That limits their sex appeal!"I'm still struggling with what actually bothered me about this book. Vampire books that don't depict them as creat [...]

    28. Despite the fact that the book had a really good rating and the fact that my GR friends had enjoyed it, I really hadn't put much hopes on this. That goes to show how much I know. The book deserves it's rating. It really was awesome. It was interesting, easy to read, steaming hot at some points and full of action in others. Sam, a three year old vampire, after having been turned at the age of 20, is by far one of the most powerfull vampires in her "race" of vamps. Being a Svente vampire is consid [...]

    29. 5++ stars.Let me start by saying that I love Suzanne Wright and at this point in time I would read anything she wrote without hesitation.I had this book on my kindle for a while mainly because I was caught up in other stories by her and I sort of forgot about it. So when I started this I was really in the mood for a good paranormal romance and she absolutely "killed".I immediately fell in love with this story about vampires and Sam Parker is just the most amazing "kick-ass heroine". I have now r [...]

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