Prince Claimed

Prince Claimed Book two in The Thresl Chronicles Series When fate spins two lives into turmoil rising above their issues may be the only way to find true love Prince Bleine always had female mates before As a Thres

  • Title: Prince Claimed
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: 9781781842867
  • Page: 400
  • Format: ebook
  • Book two in The Thresl Chronicles Series.When fate spins two lives into turmoil, rising above their issues may be the only way to find true love.Prince Bleine always had female mates before As a Thresl he d never been given a choice The animal within chose who it chose However when his brother in law Kreslan mates Bleine to a man in order to save his life, Bleine quicklBook two in The Thresl Chronicles Series.When fate spins two lives into turmoil, rising above their issues may be the only way to find true love.Prince Bleine always had female mates before As a Thresl he d never been given a choice The animal within chose who it chose However when his brother in law Kreslan mates Bleine to a man in order to save his life, Bleine quickly learns to adapt and that what he s always thought he wanted isn t exactly what he needs.Sarler left his home planet to escape their restrictive ways Interested in pursuing his interest in men, he had been unsure how to start When he is inadvertently bonded to Prince Bleine, he is struck by how little he understands about handsome princes or life at court.Secrets and mysteries surround them Can they discover everything about each other while keeping their enemies at bay When Sarler is injured, he realises he has to take a chance if he ever hopes to find love with the prince of his dreams Can he convince Bleine that he sincerely wants to give their relationship a try, or has he waited until it s too late

    • Prince Claimed By Amber Kell
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    1. Prince Bleine and Sarler story isn't a long one, but enjoyable enough. The main storyline of deception develops slowly on. In this part we get a new royal thresl named Saintaron. He is the uncle of Prince Bleine and King Vohne. Saint looks to be an interesting character. I'm looking forward to the next part of Thresl Chronicles.

    2. ** Here be spoilers. **It’s really important to focus very hard on ignoring certain inconsistencies with this one, or the enjoyment might go down the drain. With some books I can’t manage to do that. In this case I seemed to be okay with living in the moment for a while.Stating it has been three days since the end of the previous books is all nice and good, but does not mesh with the sense I get from both Bleine’s and Sarler’s thoughts regarding their interactions with others in the mean [...]

    3. 3.5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/Disclaimer: I’m biased because I love the Thresl world.This is book two in the Thresl Chronicles and I’ve been expecting this for quite a while. However if I want to be completely honest I felt a bit disappointed and the reasons were plenty.First and foremost, dear author, please give us more time with our beloved characters, and yes, this is me throwing a tantrum here and even stomping my foot down. It was one of m [...]

    4. Like the first book, this sequel is fascinating. Full of interesting alien cultural details, additional revelations of the Thresl situation, and introducing two characters we briefly met in Soldier Mine. They have a ton of issues, and the sparks fly, but in a quieter, more emotional way than in book one. Kreslan, the human, and Vohne, the Thresl one true king, are back as well and they add a flavor that makes the whole action/adventure more exciting. Prince Bleine is dedicated to Thresl survival [...]

    5. 3.75** I probably would have rated this higher But I'm getting frustrated with all the continuations. Then having to wait so long for the next installment. I get and love '' series ''. That's not the issue My issue is the FOREVER CLIFFHANGERS! at the end of all Amber 's books. Love the books But wait is becoming annoying.

    6. I enjoyed this. My issue is the ongoing plot arch. It makes the ending sooooo.unfinished. I hate the cliff hanger endings.

    7. Overall book rating: 3.5 Stars Audio book: n/a Book cover: 3.5 StarsThis was the second book in this series. I am still intrigue to know more about the Thresl's.

    8. 3.75 starsI reviewed the first book in this series, Soldier Mine. This book has a new publisher and the first book has been re-released after getting a new cover and edits. (You can find it on for .99).When Prince Bleine woke up bonded to another male, empath Sarler because he would have died if he didn’t find a mate immediately, he was open to the change. Even though his last two mates had been female, he was attracted to Sarler and willing to give it a go. However, his intended wasn’t as [...]

    9. I really enjoyed the first book in this series. The idea of alien cat shifters mating with their humans was really appealing to me. This book is the sequel and the continuation of a few of the story threads from the first book. It wasn't as good as the first book for a few reasons, but it was still a good read that left me eager for the next book to find out what happens next.Prince Bleine tries to wait patiently for his new mate Sarlar to get used to the situation, but he despairs his mate will [...]

    10. There is something I see happen on occasion in romances that involves bond mates, destined mates, or where there is something other than just true love at play. That something happened in the pages of Prince Claimed and it stole my romance. Bleine and Sarler became bond mates in the previous book. Both being straight men I just knew there would be an amazing love story with their book. They were going to have to find a way to their happily ever after. They would have struggles to overcome as a b [...]

    11. Following on from where Soldier Mine left off, the attention turns to Prince Bleine and his new mate Sarler. Mated to save Prince Bleine's life, the bonding is something new for both men, as neither had a relationship with a male before. Bleine's two previous mates had been female, while Sarler, it seems, hadn't had any previous relationships at allIn a few short days, both men find the pull of the bonding overwhelming, and they decide that maybe they should give this new bonding a chanceFor the [...]

    12. This story really is a 3.5 star rating for me. I liked Soldier Mine quite a bit but was really anxious for the overall story to be further in the sequel. When it finally came out as Prince Claimed, I was very excited. That being said, I felt a bit let down when I finished reading Sarler and Bleine's story. There was so much potential story left not shown, I felt a bit disappointed. We got a heap of info about the Thresl society and their history, which was absolutely fabulous. I felt like a lot [...]

    13. 3.75*I liked the first one and I liked this one. I need my regular fix of the mate-mine-bond stories.Bleine a Thresls Prince was 'emergency bonded' to the human Sarler.Sarler is an empath and as far as I can tell a very closeted gay, since his home planet kills gays, it's very hard for him to overcome his fear and allow the bond with Bleine to happen.Then as in the last book there is a crazy or two who tries to murder a MC and this one adds Vohne and Bleine's long lost and betrayed Uncle.The two [...]

    14. I have enjoyed her stories but I keep wishing they weren't so short. Which was a problem with Prince Claimed. A lot of information is squeezed into the pages (around 80 according to ) to give you a feel for the story and make you understand how the couple come to their happy ever after. But it's not quite enough. It's like a quote from Twilight that talks about living off animal blood: it's filling but not quite satisfying. The meat of this story was missing. It wasn't a bad story, I just wish I [...]

    15. There was potential that this story just didn't live up to. The main characters went from zero to sixty in literally two pages, and then every conversation thereafter revolved around the same subject 'does he, or doesn't he' want me as his mate, even though they'd each already stated on numerous occasions that yes, they wanted to be mates. The attacks felt totally random and completely unresolved because their attackers are pretty much immediately killed off, its like their was no planning behin [...]

    16. A quick read with good see, good plot movement, and familiar characters that I liked from the first book. I'm excited to read about Saint a few books from now and to see more about Blein and Sarler in subsequent books too. There's always a little more in each book and I'm glad for that since these books are so very short that all the pairings have a quick and dirty courtship. While not fully believable, I'm just suspending all notions of rationale and reasonable romantic progression so it doesn' [...]

    17. While I quite enjoyed this book, there were too many inconsistencies that kept pulling me out of the story. Such as when Sarler first encounters the Threslan nurse and gets her name, then doesn't know her name at the end of the story or when Blaine said he didn't have much practice giving blow jobs. Shouldn't he have had none? After all, he'd only ever been mated to women before Sarler and in between those he was stuck in a cryo-chamber. When the heck did he have time to give other men blow jobs [...]

    18. 2.5 starsThe mates in this story were forced together. They didn't really have a say and while one is willing to give their newly found relationship a try the other just pushes the attempts away. Like the first one, events in this one happen quickly and the mates quickly get their act together. While the story wasn't really bad, I found it hard to accept that these two MC's were actually in love.

    19. Quite disappointing. No where near as good as the first. I'm not even sure the mates were a good match. I feel like the book is simply a medium to continue the backstory in the series as opposed to making the couple the main focus. Not to mention the one sex scene lacked passion and lust. It did very little to reassure me of the couples relationship. I'm bummed since I had really looked forward to the continuation of this series but now I'm not so sure. 2.5stars

    20. I really enjoyed it. It took the couple a little to get to know each other, before they could make it work. I thought that was more realistic. It's not just about wat the animal/heart wants, but also the head. Despite being inadvertently mated, I did feel they were a good match and belonged together. Ohd the sex was already better in this one.

    21. I enjoyed the story, though not as much as the first one. I would have loved a little something the story. Can't tell you what. I loved the couple and the story line was interesting but missing something. I will be reading any more she puts out though since I do enjoy Amber Kell's work.

    22. It sort of just ended with too many things unresolved. Bleine and Sarler's story took the backseat from the building up of the main plot. There was really not much going on with them except for their issue of acceptance of each other. However, I still enjoyed reading this because I'm excited about the main story arc. I wonder who Saint smelled delicious? :D

    23. I enjoyed this one as much as I did book One. We get to meet the characters from book one and follow the romance of the King's brother Bleine. We also get to meet some interesting new characters and have an even more intriguing storyline to follow. Overall this was up to Amber Kell's usual standards and has made me eager to get hold of the rest of the Thresl Chronicle stories

    24. Not as good as the first book. But I did like it. The couple were okay I think that was my problem. I want to really like a couple. And while I liked these two as individual characters, they didn't do a lot for me as a couple.I'm interested in the series so I will be continuing with it.

    25. Way too expensive, way too short! Every now and then I feel cheated out of my money this was one of those experiences. I loved the first book, this one was ok? :-( I paid 6.74 really! 1/2 that would have been fair

    26. Esta ha estado bastante más dramática que la primera parte :O Los pobres chicos tienen que pasar por las mil y una para poder terminar emparejados como se debe. Tengo ganas del siguiente, aunque quería ver la historia de otro personaje. Recomendable

    27. This second in the series isn't as scattered. It's still light and lacks any real depth but now I'm intrigued with Saint so will continue.

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