In the Blaze of His Hungers

In the Blaze of His Hungers Ryan doesn t mean to sleep with his best friend s hot dad It just happens Ryan is eighteen inexperienced and in lust with Javier his friend s divorced father Javier is dangerously charismatic confi

  • Title: In the Blaze of His Hungers
  • Author: Dominique Frost
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: ebook
  • Ryan doesn t mean to sleep with his best friend s hot dad It just happens.Ryan is eighteen, inexperienced and in lust with Javier, his friend s divorced father Javier is dangerously charismatic, confident and overwhelmingly sexual, and when Ryan hints at his desires, Javier takes every opportunity to fulfill them However, what begins as a torrid affair soon becomes someRyan doesn t mean to sleep with his best friend s hot dad It just happens.Ryan is eighteen, inexperienced and in lust with Javier, his friend s divorced father Javier is dangerously charismatic, confident and overwhelmingly sexual, and when Ryan hints at his desires, Javier takes every opportunity to fulfill them However, what begins as a torrid affair soon becomes something than what either of them had anticipated, and the forbidden nature of their feelings threatens to rip their families apart.With Ryan slowly discovering about Javier s dark past and Javier trying desperately to overcome it, their bond has the potential to become something truly transforming But can they keep their relationship a secret, or will their story be forced to end before it even begins

    • In the Blaze of His Hungers ¦ Dominique Frost
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    1. Yes, I know the premise might not be for everyone but this book is hot. It's on fire. El fuego. Forget the title. It was dirty, filthy, raunchy and I likes it muchly.This book makes me want to:Seriously. It's hot as shit. And I am so happy when a freebie turns out to be a winner.I am the pug. The ball is this book and the main characters. The story is not a one trick pony. Just thinking about some parts makes me:Let me catch my breath. The writing is pretty great, which I kind of expected since [...]

    2. I was on the fence about my rating because in a lot of ways this is exactly what I'm looking for in a piece of erotic fiction: the writing is excellent--way, way above average; the sexual chemistry between the MCs is both hot and convincing; the story is not simply an excuse for some titillating scenes--rather the author takes her characters seriously, delving into their motivations with insight and respect; the relationship itself, between a young man and his best friend's father, is challengin [...]

    3. I started this one without reading a blurb.My first thought at 6% was WTF??!!!And my next thought was to give it up and rate it with 1 star.I'm so glad I didn't do it and gave this short novel a chance.It began from the first sight like a cheap porn and grew to a wonderful well-written story about an unusual relationship that had much more heart than some full length novels.I'd recommend to read a blurb before to decide if it is something for you or not. I'm eager to read more of Dominique Frost [...]

    4. I absolutely loved this book. Javier and Ryan were such a solid couple right from the word go and you can't but wish for everything to turn out right for them in the end. I'd love a follow up to their story!

    5. In the Blaze of His Hungers possesses a blunt, raw, down & dirty, rattle-the-tool-bench type of power that reeled me in. Throw in age difference hotness with a dash of kink and snarky banter…well, damn! I am hooked and happy! This little gem hit my re-read again and again list with HEAT!Ryan has been lusting after his best friend’s father, Javier, for months. Fantasizing, staring, blushing, and popping boners! But Ryan never dreamed Javier would notice him. Never mind reciprocate and car [...]

    6. Thank you Amaranth for putting this on my radar and telling me it was free on . What a delicious, naughty read!(view spoiler)[I wasn't expecting much from this 75 pages story. But it packed quite a punch in such a small frame. Ryan was a wonderful surprise with his sassy mouth, love for his father and best friend and healthy and enticing sexual appetite as well as his ability to look beyond the surface. Javier proved to be just as captivating. Initially he is depicted as the scumbag dad coming b [...]

    7. How to rate this book? On the one hand, it's different, steamy, and smutexy. On the other, it's tinged with elements of dub-con, and the ending can only be labeled a HFN, because I'm just not seeing an 18-year-old (Ryan) and a 37-year-old (Javier) making it work for the long haul, particularly when the older man is the "deadbeat," ex-druggie dad of said teenager's best friend.Ryan is a virgin and head-over-heels in lust with Javier, who moves back to town and opens an auto shop in order to make [...]

    8. Bad titlegood potential and initial heat.Advice: intertwine the sexy heat and the emotional issues throughout the story instead of having all the detailed and hot hunger up front and all the substantiating gravity toward the back. Plus there were some areas that needed fleshing. Ryan's father afterere are no details. Pete's mother and her take on Javier. You set the scene, do the work. Ps: this author's ratio of page count to kindle price is too high. Want to read The Art ofTouch but woah

    9. This was a fab little story. I really like the way the situations eventually bought them all closer together I would still like to read more about the characters. To know what happens next :)

    10. No clue wtf anyone was thinking with this ridiculous fire-roasted title and cover art. It's a major mismatch to the humorously provocative reading content within. Great narration and personalization of the characters engages the reader with naturally-flowing dialogue that remains steady throughout. It's a sexually dynamic beginning of arousing obstinance but one that soon balloons into a story of sweet substance. The only potential problem here is the vivid DILF imagery (below) that Javier & [...]

    11. Initially I rated this book 4 starsa year ago,I think (maybe even more). But after re-reading it last night, I decided to up my rating and place it among my favorites. And it was long overdue. Because, last night I tried to count just how many times have I read this novella from first to last page and I figuredwell, probably around 40-50 times. I kid you not. And it never got oldI know parts of it by heart,and I still enjoy reading them. If I could I would give this 100 stars 'cause I'm yet to f [...]

    12. ~ ~ ~This was a quick, easy read that focuses on an 18 year old's romance with his best friends 37 year old father. The age difference didn't bother me and that relationship was pretty hot and enjoyable. But it was the narrative voice, the present tense that just kept bothering me. The title, In The Blaze of His Hungers, almost had me passing this up, and I still don't really see it's connection to the story.What I did like was the strained relationship between Ryan and his best friend and ultim [...]

    13. Really loved this book :)This book was really well written it wasn't so much about the sex but the intimacy and the connection between the two characters Javier was a broken man that had lived a lie for many a year d Ryan has gone through the death of his mother and I also think he looked on Javier as a father figure because his dad worked long shifts at the fire department I loved the emotional connection between then and the physical intimacy that they shared unleashed their emotions which the [...]

    14. I utterly loved that passionate, hot as hell, mind-numbing connection between Ryan and Javier. They really were true mates without needing to drag any supernatural crutch to it. Apart from this book being sizzling hot I also loved the way it was written, especially its kind of humour.

    15. Read on 12-14-13UmmmI liked it. But, it kind of felt unresolved at the end there. Ryan is an 18 year old senior in HS, getting ready to head to college (local-well 3 hours away). He's been lusting after his BFF, Pete's, dad who is a deadbeat who showed back into town 3 months ago. He up and left Pete and his mom when Pete was 5 years old. Why he wants him is beyond me. Other than he's a hot muscle man mechanic.Javier, 37, had his reasons for leaving his son and wife. He always knew he'd be back [...]

    16. Oh this had a good set up for drama, romance and smut.but then it just ended. Completely unresolved. There was sooooo much the author could have done with these characters and their circumstances, but that potential just wasn't tapped into. I would have like to seen how the familia drama played out.(On a weird, totally random side note, for some reason, I couldn't help but picture Jeffery Dean Morgan as Javier)

    17. Oh sexy little story. I loved that what started out as simply sex turned into so much more. I really truly think this book needs a sequel, I'm dying to know where there relationship goes next, how the rest of the family deals with their relationship and how Pete and Javier try and get along.

    18. 3.5 stars. Very sexy, dirty, hot relationship between a teenager and his best friend's dad. Ending was pretty abrupt though. I would of liked to see everyone else reactions to the relationship.

    19. If this smut had a hundred more pages, it'd be more romantic than most romance novels I've read. I actually had no idea it was erotica, until I read the reviews post-book, but that explains a lot. Hot shit too.

    20. This was fine until halfway through when I realized it was a reskinned Teen Wolf fanfiction, and then I had a little trouble sticking it out. Like, an obvious Teen Wolf fic reskin. Character motivations were kind of all over the place and frankly unbelievable as realistic, but it was fine for a cheap novella.

    21. “What I want is to tie you up and blindfold you and make you learn my touch, so you can’t come with anyone else touching you, can’t sleep in the dark without remembering my hands on you.” Javier’s voice drops even further, hushed, secret, only between them. “What I want is to ruin you for anyone else, shape you into something only my hands can hold.”So, I get what some other reviews have complained about here. Is there plot? Yes, somewhat, but it's not exactly at the forefront of a [...]

    22. So, first off. I was able to borrow this book for free on . It was nice, because it is a type of book that sounded good, but the price was to much for the length of it. This way, I was able to read it for free. This book could have been 4 star potential, if it was longer. It just felt rushed, especially towards the end. Did it have an ending? Yes. It just could have been wrapped up better if there was more to the story. Maybe their will be a sequel in the future, who knows. Also, the title. It w [...]

    23. I very tempted to call this PWP, or very close to it. But it is smut done right with lots of dirty sex and hot chemistry. To me most of the plot points went unexplored or just barely touched on. The taboo best friend's dad thing brought very little in the way of drama. In a lot of ways that disappointed me because this had a little bit different aspect than most books with this set up. Javier wasn't the poor misunderstood gay dad that comes out later in life having hidden in the closet for his b [...]

    24. 1.5 stars for the plot It was again my kind of plot. The stars are given for piquing my interest. But low word building and character building takes away the remaining stars. It was rushed, shows the author didn't wanted to put much effort in the story. Barely any conflict, wasn't pornish too. Everything went almost smoothly with hardly any confrontations and arguments. That's why it was a light read. In the middle of the story I felt that Frost was working towards building a plot but given the [...]

    25. While I love Frost's writing style, this isn't my favourite thing of hers I've read. I feel like the story was a little rushed, a little underdeveloped. I didn't really believe that the Ryan and Javier had fallen in love, or that they'd even reached the point where they could. The wrap-up of the ending also seemed half-assed to me.That said, I do love her prose. And her sex scenes. Lord, those are hot.Overall, "In the Blaze of His Hungers" is a great way to while away a few hours when you need t [...]

    26. This isn’t a perfect book, and there are some plot and character gaps I’d have loved to see filled in a little more fully, but the thing that kept me from putting this one down until there were no more pages to turn was to see how the author could possibly bring this seemingly impossible relationship to a believable resolution without Ryan losing everything and everyone he loves in the process.See the entire 3.5 star review at The Novel Approach: thenovelapproachreviews/20

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