The Island Escape

The Island Escape Funny warm and beautifully written I loved it MILLY JOHNSON Can one woman s marriage survive her best friend s divorce Veronica Henry meets Erica James in this gorgeous summer read Octavia Shelton th

  • Title: The Island Escape
  • Author: Kerry Fisher
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Funny, warm and beautifully written I loved it MILLY JOHNSON Can one woman s marriage survive her best friend s divorce Veronica Henry meets Erica James in this gorgeous summer read Octavia Shelton thought she d have a different life One where she travelled the world with an exotic husband and free spirited children in tow.Instead she s married to safe, reliable Funny, warm and beautifully written I loved it MILLY JOHNSON Can one woman s marriage survive her best friend s divorce Veronica Henry meets Erica James in this gorgeous summer read Octavia Shelton thought she d have a different life One where she travelled the world with an exotic husband and free spirited children in tow.Instead she s married to safe, reliable Jonathan, and her life now consists of packed lunches, school runs and mountains of dirty washing She s not unhappy It s just that she can barely recognise herself.So as Octavia watches her best friend s marriage break up, it gets her thinking What if life could be different What if she could escape and rediscover the person she used to be Escape back to the island she visited years ago And what if the man she used to love was there waiting for her

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      Kerry Fisher Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Island Escape book, this is one of the most wanted Kerry Fisher author readers around the world.


    1. The Island Escape had one of the best openings of any chic-lit type book I've ever read. Having absolutely adored Kerry Fisher's After the Lie, I knew immediately I was in for another winner, but I was still expecting a humorous, light-hearted chic-lit beach-type romance story. Don't get me wrong, there is lots of humor in Kerry Fisher's writing, but the plot was a lot deeper and more serious than I had anticipated. In fact, nearly halfway through the book, I was still wondering when the promise [...]

    2. We've all been there haven't we. Got married or got a long term partner, we think our lives are going to be exciting and we can see nothing but buzzing bees, honeysuckle and summer days before us. But, we never think there are going to be dark clouds, rain and darn right earthquakes!Children come along, bills come along, drudgery follows and we find ourselves buried in mire.Its not that we aren't happy, but is this life really all there is?!Her husband Johnathan is safe, hes solid hes reliable, [...]

    3. Originally posted on This Chick Reads*Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*'The Island Escape' is the second novel by Ms Fisher and one I've been really looking forward to reading. I love the blurb and think the cover is so gorgeous and summery. I'll start by saying the blurb though great is slightly misleading, leading you to think the book is about Octavia Shelton, now married with children but once a real rebel and adventurer. This book is also as much of a story about [...]

    4. This book has such a beautiful, inviting cover- it really makes you want to book your holiday and pack a copy of this book in your case to read around the pool! The cover would definitely have drawn me to pick up a copy.I loved her writing style and the story really drew me in- caring about the characters. It’s a book about two friends. Roberta and Octavia have known each other for years. Roberta feels she’s come to the end of her marriage whereas Octavia presents the image of a perfect marr [...]

    5. I absolutely adored Kerry's debut novel "The School Gate Survival Guide". Absolutely. And I couldn't wait for her next novel to be published - I so fell in love with her writing, her storytelling and was hoping for another cracker of a book. And let me tell you right here, right now, that "The Island Escape" has totally lived up to my expectations. It is a little different to Kerry's debut novel, especially in the subject matter, but this what made me so adore Kerry's books was there - exception [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The story follows Roberta and Octavia, two women who have been friends for years and are nearing the wrong side of forty. Roberta's marriage breaks down and she is left trying to start a new life with her daughter whilst Octavia is a busy mum of three with a very boring husband.The strong characters draw you in from the first page and you find yourself wanting to read just one more chapter all the time. The book is the [...]

    7. 4.5 Stars Since I loved Kerry's first book, the second I saw the cover reveal for this one, I have been eager to get my hands on a copy. And I wasn't disappointed, The Island Escape is a fantastic story, although from the cover I was expecting a light hearted holiday read, this was slightly more serious, and the "Island Escape" bit doesn't really figure until the last third of the book. There are two alternating view points, best friends Roberta and Octavia. Roberta's marriage is on the verge of [...]

    8. Originally reviewed for Bookaholic ConfessionsThe Island Escape tells the story of friends Roberta and Octavia. Best friends since school and now in their late thirties, they are both forced to suddenly take stock of their lives when Roberta plucks up the courage to finally leave her bullying husband. Octavia then starts to examine her own life choices. She’s married with three children but can’t pin-point exactly when her life became so…well…boring. Things come to a head for Octavia whe [...]

    9. Posted in full reviewedthebook/2015 Kerry Fisher’s debut novel The School Gate Survival Guide was one of my favourite books last year so I couldn’t wait for her next book. For me, The Island Escape completely surpassed Kerry’s first book, I loved it even more than I imagined I would. I seriously could not put it down for one second – so immersed in the lives of Octavia and Roberta and their families. There’s such a beautiful tone to this story as we see two long-time friends, now in th [...]

    10. The Blurb :Can one woman’s marriage survive her best friend’s divorce? Fans of Veronica Henry and Erica James, this is the next book to add to your reading list.It’s time to get back to where it all began…Octavia Sheldon thought she’d have a different life. One where she travelled the world with an exotic husband and free-spirited children in tow. But things didn’t turn out quite like that.Married to safe, reliable Jonathan, her life now consists of packed lunches, school runs and mo [...]

    11. What an amazing story! I thought I was picking up a summer/beach read but this has to have the best opening page to a romance-style novel EVER!! I thought I was reading the wrong book, so bravo Kerry Fisher!Octavia and Roberta are best friends who have married unsuitable men. Octavia's husband, Jonathan, is anal and pernickety whilst Roberta's husband, Scott, is a controlling selfish bully. The story is therefore two-fold with Roberta and Octavia being the subject of alternative chapters.Roberta [...]

    12. I will be hosting the first date of the Blog Tour on 20th May 2015 so come and take a look at my review then!! boonsbookcase/

    13. Another good one!Many of my favourite elements are here again! Deep and complicated family/tribe/heart issues, loyalties, and so one, with a whole bunch of heart-on-your-sleeve honesty and spunky, realistic characters with a some great belly laughs! looking forward to the next one!

    14. Written well, and gets you invested in the characters! However, I'm not too sure why it's considered a comedy's not funny. As in, nothing made me laugh and I'm unsure what parts were supposed to be funny. I did find myself skipping paragraphs to get to the parts I wanted to read, so perhaps the author could have removed some unnecessary parts.

    15. Originally posted on beccasbooooks/To begin with, Kerry seriously starts off The Island Escape with a bang. The bang of a cell door in a police station, no less. I haven't read many books that begin in such an eyebrow-raising way and I was immediately curious to know exactly why and how Kerry's character Roberta had ended up in a police station. I love it when, after just a few pages into a novel, the author let's loose a thousand questions in my mind that I'm just dying to know the answer to an [...]

    16. Novel set in Sardinia, Corsica and Surrey (the marital merry-go-round)Octavia and Roberta, two best friends, are settled in the South of England. Roberta is married to Scott, a tremendously successful man, with all the trappings of wealth and status. Octavia is married to Jonathan, a plodder in many respects, pernickety, a bit on the OCD spectrum. Average lives…. Roberta is, however, in an abusive relationship and the author wonderfully renders the iniquitous creep of the undermining behaviour [...]

    17. I was given a copy of this book by Kerry's publishers in exchange for an honest review which I'm more than happy to give. First up, who wouldn't be drawn to pick this book up with a cover like that, especially when we are under a deluge at the moment?! The idea of warm, sunny days with a sea view sounds like heaven to me.The book revolves around two friends Octavia and Roberta and their husbands Jonathan and Scott. Each couple very different, Octavia and Jonathan on the surface, settled into a s [...]

    18. portobellobookblog.wordpress."I was wearing the wrong bra for sitting in a police cell." As opening sentences go, this is certainly attention grabbing and reflects the witty charm of this book! I really enjoyed this story of friendship, love and second chances. It was a bit different than I had expected from the synopsis though. It's not just about Octavia but is equally as much about her friend Roberta. The story is told in parallel chapters from both women's points of view. The actual visit to [...]

    19. Ever wanted to escape to an island far far away? Corsica and Sardinia grab you?StoryOctavia Shelton’s life was not how she had imagined it. She’s married yes but to safe reliable Jonathan and instead of packing the suitcase and travelling the world with him and free -spirited children, the only packing she does these days is the family’s packed lunches. The only mountains she climbs are the mounds of dirty washing.When her best friend’s marriage breaks up, she dreams of escape herself an [...]

    20. Island Escape is by Kerry Fisher. It is a really good summer read. It is told in alternating chapters by Roberta and Olivia.Octavia and Roberta have known each other since their school days. They are as opposite as can be. Octavia is from the working class while Roberta’s parents always had plenty of money. The differences between them are noticeable; but they overcome these differences to become best friends. Best friends are there for each other and Octavia was definitely there when Roberta [...]

    21. I loved the School Gate Survival Guide from Kerry Fisher, but I think The Island Escape is even better. There’s a mastery in writing from two points of view, both female protagonists, and getting the voices so distinct, which is certainly evident here. There are deeper themes in The Island Escape than in a lot of women’s fiction and issues that you can identify with. Neither Roberta or Octavia are too perfect either, which makes them all the more well-rounded and *real*. I won’t give away [...]

    22. The BlurbCan one woman’s marriage survive her best friend’s divorce? Veronica Henry meets Erica James in this summer’s must-have read.Octavia Shelton thought she’d have a different life. One where she travelled the world with an exotic husband and free-spirited children in tow.Instead she’s married to safe, reliable Jonathan, and her life now consists of packed lunches, school runs and mountains of dirty washing. She’s not unhappy. It’s just that she can barely recognise herself.So [...]

    23. Roberta and Octavia have been best friends since school and their friendship has endured through marriage, children and Octavia working abroad. When Roberta decides to divorce her controlling and difficult husband, Octavia suddenly can't stop herself thinking about Xavi, the man she loved in Corsica twenty years ago. As Roberta tries to build a new life, start a new business and navigate the perils of internet dating, Octavia unexpectedly finds herself back in Corsica reliving the past. I starte [...]

    24. The island escape is the perfect summer, warm and witty with a charm that sucks you in and keeps you reading. Roberta and Olivia go through some very traumatic yet life changing circumstances throughout the book, both showing great strength, determination and support for each other. There's a lot to relate to in The island escape and I really loved how Kerry Fisher guided the characters through the issues that arose. I'm trying not to say too much about the plot so as not to ruin it for the read [...]

    25. I felt for both Erica and Octavia throughout this book. Both dealt with marital issues, children issues and wished for more out of their lives. Haven't we all wished for more than we have? However, these women take their lives in their hands and do something about it. I really enjoyed reading "The Island Escape." It was not the typical summer read for me, but had more depth than I first thought it would. I really liked that both female characters were so well developed. They were best friends an [...]

    26. I love novels where the characters are feisty, funny and flawed which Kerry Fisher's female leads most definitely are! I also love novels where I can predict what's going to happen and then be surprised by something that comes out of left field and Kerry does this too! Moreover, I love novels which hold a lens up to life and let me see it in a different way; Kerry's literary lens is one such. But, most of all I love novels where the universal truths that inform the book are summed in a sentence [...]

    27. What a fab holiday read .I read all sorts . This is the first book I have read by Kerry Fisher but won't be the last. There were traits in the story that we all can recognise in our own lives and those around us the routine of it all, the make the best of it, the tiny gestures that mean so much/bring such smiles and the BHAM! Didn't see that coming.And as for the settings .inations that are known to me, so knew exactly what was meant whilst in Surrey and knew exactly where Octavian was headed i [...]

    28. Many thanks to the publisher for allowing me to read an ARC of this book, via netgalley, in return for an honest review.Feeling I needed a break from my usual genre of psychological thrillers, murder and crime books. I decided to venture into the world of 'chic lit'. And wow I am so glad I chose this book .I absolutely loved it. I really found it hard to put down and just wanted to keep reading more.The way Kerry describes the characters in the book was great. You could almost picture them clear [...]

    29. I have just finished The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher and I absolutely loved it, not what I expected at all especially not the first chapter!!!! Loved the friendship between Octavia and Roberta and how it had evolved over the years. Could relate to both women at some parts of the book being 40 something myself!!! A brilliant book thanks for keeping me hooked from the first to last page. 5* from me

    30. DifferentNot your typical romance novel in many ways. Although the reader does know how things will end up, the path to the end was interesting enough to keep one reading on, rather than skipping to the end. Octavia and Roberta were believable and real. Enjoyable enough that I intend to read some of this author's other works.

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