A Cat Called Alfie

A Cat Called Alfie The follow up to the smash hit Sunday Times bestseller Alfie the Doorstep Cat Alfie s back and adventurous than ever Edgar Road used to be your typical London street a road full of people who barely

  • Title: A Cat Called Alfie
  • Author: RachelWells
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  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The follow up to the smash hit Sunday Times bestseller, Alfie the Doorstep Cat Alfie s back and adventurous than ever Edgar Road used to be your typical London street a road full of people who barely said a word to one another Then Alfie came along a big grey ball of fur who changed the lives of every family he met, and brought a community together.But no The follow up to the smash hit Sunday Times bestseller, Alfie the Doorstep Cat Alfie s back and adventurous than ever Edgar Road used to be your typical London street a road full of people who barely said a word to one another Then Alfie came along a big grey ball of fur who changed the lives of every family he met, and brought a community together.But now a new family have moved into Edgar Road and they, than anyone else, need Alfie s help Can he bring light to their darkest times Or is it already too late to stop them from falling apart Warm, uplifting and inspiring, this is a book to remind us how a pet can change a life The perfect read for fans of A Street Cat Named Bob and Alfie the Doorstep Cat.

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      Rachel Wells is a mother, writer and cat lover who lives in North Devon with her son, Xavier and her cat Lady A She grew up in Devon but lived in London for a number of years, working in Marketing and living in a tiny flat with an elderly rescued cat, who she called Albert.After having a child she moved back home and is currently juggling writing full time and being a single mum.She has always had cats as pets, ever since she was a young child, and she has always loved writing Delighted to have been able to combine her two main passions, ALIFE THE DOORSTEP CAT was her first cat novel She has continued with A CAT CALLED ALFIE, ALFIE GEORGE and the new book, ALFIE THE HOLIDAY CAT Delighted to be able to continue to bring Alfie s adventures to life, Alfie has become a part of the family She has also written two books for children about Alfie ALFIE CAT IN TROUBLE and ALFIE FAR FROM HOME.


    1. Considering how much I loved Alfie the Doorstep Cat, I was surprised by this book. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I didn't think this book was as good as the first. It felt slightly rushed, at least more so than the first book? The conflict of the new family spent a good portion of the book being built up and then it was all resolved really quickly, too quickly for my tastes.The romance both amused and annoyed me. I could understand Tiger's frustration, Alfie seemed to be only giving S [...]

    2. 2,5 stellineQuesto libro fa parte di quella lista ormai infinita di libri detta “sono un sequel inutile come pochi, scritto solo perché vendevo”. In pratica poteva benissimo non essere scritto, non ne avremmo sentito la mancanza.Ora, non capitemi male, il libro non è del tutto da buttare via, anzi, è comunque molto carino. Il problema è che però è anche molto più forzato del primo, e soprattutto più irrealista.Alfie si trasforma da gatto della via all’eroe non solo della strada, ma [...]

    3. It doesn't matter whether you own/love cats or not, Alfie is definitely someone who will put a smile on your face. He is witty, charming, friendly and above all kind. He is willing to do anything for his human and cat friends, so if you're into something that is going to make you laugh and brighten up your day then this book is something you must read.

    4. A simple, enjoyable tale but written by a cat! My neighbour lent me her copies of this series and was keen for me to read them but for that I wouldn't have chosen them. Despite my better judgement (and the writing is completely juvenile) I kept reading if only to see how the story would unfurl. I've given it 3 stars as the story is strangely enjoyable- but if you're used to a more intelligent read (and you couldn't get less intelligent than this) save it for when you're feeling poorly and can't [...]

    5. Absolutely wonderful book just as brilliant as the first Alfie book. It made me smile & giggle. I absolutely love reading about what Alfie the cat gets up to & I hope that a 3rd book will be written in the future.

    6. Picked this up in the Supermarket - wanted a quick read and this did the business.Great story - once you get used to cats talking with each other.

    7. labibliotecadellibraiosp qui è dove potete leggere le mie opinioni.Questo romanzo è il secondo appuntamento con il gatto Alfie. Sono passati alcuni anni da quando Alfie è arrivato a Edgar Road. Le sue famiglie, Alfie si definisce un gatto dei portoni, stanno bene e vivono felici. Lui predilige passare il tempo con Claire e Jonathan, loro due si sono sposati e il loro problema è che non riescono ad avere un bambino, ma vivono felici. Polly e Matt, la seconda famiglia di Alfie, hanno superato [...]

    8. La storia comincia tre anni dopo la fine del volume precedente, con Alfie amato e coccolato dalle sue tre famiglie. Quando però la villetta accanto viene presa in affitto, i nuovi vicini sembrano essere assai poco inclini a farsi conoscere e il piano di Alfie di aggiungere una nuova famiglia nella sua vita subisce una battuta di arresto quando scopre che i vicini hanno già una gatta: un bellissima, ma assolutamente scontrosa e ostile, micia dal pelo bianco di nome Palla di Neve.Alfie è però [...]

    9. The continuing tale (tail?) of Alfie and his life on Edgar Road (as told by Alfie himself).In this one, new neighbours move in to the street in a rather secretive way, and keep themselves to themselves, which sparks the curiosity of the other people on the street and in particular a fairly nosy couple who run the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme (and take an interest in everyone's comings and goings).Alfie is smitten with the cat belonging to this new family and tries to make friends with the ca [...]

    10. A brilliant follow up to Alfie the doorstep cat.Alfie has now loaded on his paws and has four regular families he lives with on Edgar road but when a new family are all set to move in Alfie cannot help himself but investigate.But something is a little odd about this new family, they move in at the dead of night, they hide from all the neighbours and will not join in and the local snoops the Goodwins are on the case.Can Alfie and his friends find out what is the mysterious secret attached to the [...]

    11. Alfie is back!While I found this book a bit less entertaining (or less original maybe?) than the previous volume, I still enjoyed it a lot. Maybe my doubts come from the fact that the stakes are a bit lower here, we do not care about the new family as much and a lot of their issues are solved without Alfie's involvement.Then again, the poor cat has heart problems of his ownStill, a light, warm and nice read, and even if the ending didn't really tear me up, it was still pretty heartwarming.I've h [...]

    12. A lovely little book, I picked this book up because I’m a self confessed cat lady, I didn’t realise until I started that Alfie the cat is the first person and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that in the beginning, I haven’t read the first book either but that wasn’t a problem at all, I grew to love Alfie as the story went along, the story line itself is a little bit predictable but a lovely read all the same.

    13. This is one of those books you can take a year to read, and I have! Trouble is, although a nice enough story it isn't fast paced enough for me. The writing, and plot is very simplistic. I feel I haven't really come away with anything, as I like reading to challenge me, or educate me in some way. The characters were rather shallow, too.

    14. A charming book with cute cat characters and interactions. Maybe written for a young adult. I skimmed quite a bit, but still a fun little read.

    15. What a lovely book, love how Alfie can make families come together. Lovely ending, looking forward to reading more about Alfie.

    16. This was a heart warming story about a cat named Alfie whose mission it is to make cat friends and "his humans" happy. It is written in Alfie's voice, which is sort of silly, but I sort of enjoyed the story.

    17. Pas déçue par cette suite !!! En plus Snowball est la sosie de ma chatte Luna, c'était très drôle à lire !!!

    18. Il gatto che insegnava ad essere felici è il sequel de Il gatto che aggiustava i cuori. Si possono leggere tranquillamente indipendentemente l’uno dall’altro, come è accaduto a me, che non ho ancora letto il primo romanzo. Alfie è un gatto meraviglioso. Dopo aver perso la sua padrona ed essere approdato ad Edgar Road, è riuscito ad entrare nelle grazie di tantissime persone, riuscendo con il proprio istinto e il suo sesto senso infallibile, a comprendere e risolvere tutti i loro problemi [...]

    19. I loved this book, it was such a light and enjoyable read. heart warming but comical. Can't wait to read more of them.

    20. Having been blown away by Rachel's first book 'Alfie, the Doorstep Cat' I was delighted when my husband popped the sequel into my stocking for Xmas and couldn't wait to read it. The Alfie books are just the type of thing I love to read on holiday because they are easy to get through, don't make you think too hard but at the same time are entertaining. It helps to have cats! The second Alfie book sees our hero happy on Edgar Road but managing to get himself embroiled in the goings on of some new [...]

    21. The book started out promising and I liked the way it was told like you're looking through the eyese of Alfie. But the simple use of words combined with the slow progressiveness made me struggle to keep on reading. I eventually finished it but there are a lot better stories out there with cats playing the major role.

    22. Fantastic read, loved every character, think I'm a great fan of this type of book now, having never read books about animals before, maybe Rachel Wells is just the best at bringing out the characters. 5 stars.

    23. Cats and humansI have thoroughly enjoyed Alfie's story. It is so easy to read and very entertaining. You can actually picture the events as they happen both happy and sad. A book I could read again with enjoyment.

    24. Loved this and Alfie the doorstep cat. I have a cat and after reading this I think of my cat in a very different way. I speak to him differently now because I believe he can understand everything I say!

    25. From the moment I started reading this book, I was mesmerized.Each character has a strong and defining presense, and each families story was captivating and relatable to me as a reader.Overall, it is a brilliant book that every cat lover should read.

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