Zero Hour

Zero Hour A Gypsy Brothers Epilogue They say a human being needs few things to exist A purpose Hope for the future But most of allLove Juliette Portland had all of those things Her purpose was simple Seduce Dec

  • Title: Zero Hour
  • Author: Lili St. Germain
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  • Page: 338
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  • A Gypsy Brothers Epilogue They say a human being needs few things to exist.A purpose,Hope for the future,But most of allLove Juliette Portland had all of those things Her purpose was simple Seduce Deceive Kill Avenge Once Dornan Ross and his sons were dead, her future was supposed to be clear Her life was finally going to begin And love Against all the oddsA Gypsy Brothers Epilogue They say a human being needs few things to exist.A purpose,Hope for the future,But most of allLove.Juliette Portland had all of those things Her purpose was simple Seduce Deceive Kill Avenge Once Dornan Ross and his sons were dead, her future was supposed to be clear Her life was finally going to begin And love Against all the odds, she had the love of a boy she never thought she d see again.Everything should have gone according to plan Everything should have been easy.Of course, life has a way of f g with even the most meticulous of plans, and calling in owed debts can have the most severe consequences Thanks to Juliette s diabolical retribution, the Il Sangue Cartel has lost it s Kingpin, but not for long There s always someone in the wings, ready to step onstage and seize power The Gypsy Brothers Motorcycle Club might be reeling from the deaths of their President and his six patch wearing sons, but they ve come back swinging.Two deadly enemies, hundreds of bloodthirsty members, both sides eager to punish those that would try to topple them.Two survivors, a man and a woman, forced to flee in the night.For Juliette, vengeance is a hollow victory.It never, ever ends.The flames of incomplete vengeance are licking at her heels, and it s only a matter of time before the Il Sangue cartel and the Gypsy Brothers catch her in their grip and crush her.Unless she crushes them first.

    • Zero Hour by Lili St. Germain
      338 Lili St. Germain
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      Lili writes dark, disturbing romance Her 1 bestselling Gypsy Brothers series was created in a serial format quick, intense episodes released frequently with some wicked cliffhangers The Gypsy Brothers series focuses on a morally bankrupt biker gang and the girl who seeks her vengeance upon them The Cartel series is a prequel trilogy of full length novels that explores the beginnings of the club, to be released in 2015 by HarperCollins.Lili quit corporate life to focus on writing and so far is loving every minute of it Her other loves in life include her gorgeous husband and beautiful daughter, good coffee, Tarantino movies and spending hours on Pinterest.She loves to read almost as much as she loves to write.


    1. Another Action-Packed InstallmentI loved the 'Gypsy Brothers' series because there was never a dull moment. Like earlier installments in this series, 'Zero Hour' is fast-paced and absolutely gripping. It has been quite awhile since I finished the other serials, but within minutes I was right back into the story, like no time had passed at all.'Zero Hour' picks up where the last serial left off. Jase and Juliette are on the run after the death of Dornan. The cartel and remaining Gypsy Brothers wa [...]

    2. This is like one big epilogue of The Gypsy Brothers series. You need to read the series to get to this one, as it is not a standalone.Jase and Juliette, after dealing with Dornan (Gypsy Brothers President) and his father (head of a drug cartel) are on the constant run. The moment they settle somewhere, their hiding place is discovered and they have to run again. You would wish they had some peace finally, but nothing like that happens, that is until they decide to take matters in their own hands [...]

    3. ***4,5 "Just like him???" stars***"They say a human being needs few things to exist.A purpose,Hope for the future,But most of allLove." And this was the final chapter in this incredible and unbelievably fucked up story!!!I think that this story was absolutely necessary for Juliette and Jase to find themselves and each other, once and for all!!!The road was hard and full of thorns, but they had as a weapon the love for each other"She thinks I'm her light, but I'm her worst fucking nightmare."The [...]

    4. 4 STARS“I am safe. Dornan is dead. Jase is with me. The second and third are true, but the first is a lie.”If you haven’t read the Gypsy Brothers: The Complete Series, you need to before reading this. This series is a dark romance but even at that, I wouldn't say it's a love story. This is a raw, gritty tale about vengeance, hatred and evil with love mixed in. It's not for the faint of heart and it's certainly not pretty but it's one wild ride that will keep you on edge, fists clenched and [...]

    5. ★★★★ 4 Stars ★★★★"Bite me. Make me bleed. Choke me. I'm yours. I trust you."Jase and Juliette are on the run, along with Eliot and his daughter and his daughters mother, all struggling with trying to evade the cartel who have been wanting them dead ever since everything came to a head in One Love.Jase and Juliette are feeling all sorts of messed up, and their relationship is hanging on by a thread."I try. I try so fucking hard to be the man she needs me to be. But it's getting ha [...]

    6. *LIVE! * US * UK *Can LOVE conquer all?Zero Hour is the much anticipated Epilogue to the Gypsy Brothers Series. In its entirety, The Gypsy Brothers takes the reader on a dark and twisted path. There’s a bad, bad man and his sons. A courageous heroine, a boy she used to love and loved her back, and a man who became her hero. It's about revenge of the highest order; retribution is essential for the healing of the protagonists. For readers who love the rawness and the relationships behind the s [...]

    7. ༺**Complimentary Copy**༺ Provided by the author"Lili St. Germain" in exchange for an honest reviewThank you!!TITLE: Zero HourSERIES: (Gypsy Brothers, #8)AUTHOR: Lili St. GermainGENRE: Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE: November 24th, 2015MY RATING: 4 STARSThe final, shocking conclusion to the #1 bestselling Gypsy Brothers series I've followed this series throughout, one thing I've learn't to expect from this author is her ability to push us out of our comfort zones with her dark, gritty, stom [...]

    8. This book was needed. It is the epilogue that was missing from Juliette’s story.The seven men who destroyed her, died horrible. Now Juliette has to start living. Sadly she has become the shell of the former self. But there is no time for weaknesses and inabilities. The Sangue Cartel and Gypsy Brothers Motorcycle Club are after Juliette and after the two men of her life, Jase and Elliot. All of them need to hide before they decide their next moves.Elliot is trying to protect his daughter and he [...]

    9. A raw, gritty and fast paced ending to a series about corrupt and unscrupulous biker gang and the woman that set on taking her vengeance against them.They say vengeance is a platter best served cold. What they don’t say is that it leaves an ugly aftertaste that’s almost impossible to get rid of. After making sure evil incarnate, Dornan Ross and his sons, where six feet under, Juliette Portland got what she thought she wanted. She was supposed to be free and be able to live and love. But even [...]

    10. Five, four, three, two, one: Are you ready?Lili St. Germain does it again! Her stories are the adrenaline shot I've been craving and Zero Hour only feeds the addiction! The foundation you're standing on explodes from a mega ton blast as hailing sheet rock, wood and fire litters the space.The eerie sounds of screeching metal grinding together is worse then any horror flick you've ever watched. The Sangue Cartel and Gypsy Brothers Motorcycle Club is pounding at your door, stalking your every move, [...]

    11. Review: SurjFacebook: facebook/TheHopelessRTSU: tsu/HopelessRomanticsBlog: thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bI didn't read the synopsis to "Zero Hour." Maybe I should have because for some stupid reason, I thought this final instalment in the "Gypsy Brothers" series would go easy on me. I mean epilogues are supposed to be hearts and flowers right? Nope, not this one. Lili St Germain came back with a vengeance and was absolutely ruthless when it came to my emotions and my anxiety levels. I knew Julie [...]

    12. After the ending for the Gypsy Brothers, I knew Jase and Julz weren't over. I knew their HEA wasn't complete. They were things that needed to be out in the open. They needed more time to deal with what they've done, what they were after all this madness.At first, I didn't recognize Julz. She was so different from what I read before. She was more broken than brave; she was more scared than brave. She wasn't herself anymore.« She’s right here beside me, but I can feel her slipping away. I’m l [...]

    13. 4.5 stars!This is the end of the Gypsy Brothers series and what a ride this series has been! This book picks up from where One Love had stopped! The plot is still interesting, strong, surprising and full of raw emotions and action. But Zero Hour is kind of different from the previous books since it's not only Julz's POV that we get but the one of Jase and Elliot. To be honest, I loved that at this point Jase's and Elliot's thoughts were heard. I needed them.Juliette has totally changed from the [...]

    14. '“Give me your darkness. Give it to me, and I’ll give mine to you. I am never walking away from you.” Creo que este libro fue innecesario para la serie, a mi me encanto el final que tuvimos en One love y esto fue mas un epilogo alargado. Si lo disfrute, especialmente porque tuvimos el tipo de escenas depravadas que me hicieron amar esta serie en primer lugar. Por ejemplo la parte donde Julz le dice a Jason que el le recuerda a Dornan, fue brutal. El sexo fuck. Solo así FUCK fue violento y [...]

    15. ☆ I received an ARC via TRSOR PR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! ☆Zero Hour… Is there really any words to summarize what I’ve just read? As much as I’d like to write about it, I also don’t want to give away the plot and what you can expect. It’s best to go into it blind.For those of you who have read, which I’d imagine you already have, read all of the previous books in this series--- you know that Jase and Juliette have been through hell and back and are fighting a [...]

    16. 3.5 starsI expected more, sadly it wasn't what i wanted. I read this thinking it was an epilogue and a way for the MCs to find their peace and be happy Wishful thinking. it tied some loose ends but it still feels incomplete. I hated the whole "secret" thing, i feel like Lily wanted to make a new book and she just made up some bullshit, sigh*

    17. I don't even know where to start. Sometimes when a book is so good, I struggle to find the right words and I really want to find the right words to do this book justice.After reading One Love, I always thought there was more to Jase and Juliette's story. I also know we had a glimpse of what was happening to the couple in Hells Kitchen, Lili's collaboration with Callie Hart.Each chapter is dedicated to either Juliette, Jase or Elliot. The trio are on the run from the remaining Gypsy Brothers and [...]

    18. Original Review @ Naomi’s Reading Palace4.5 STARSI can never get enough of this dark, twisted and gut wrenching world of Gypsy Brothers. I have missed being in it and was eager to see whether or not Juliette and Jase would be able to find happiness without constantly looking over their shoulders. They have lived on the run for the past six months, having to constantly shift when their lives are in danger.Zero Hour was told from multiple perspectives: Juliette, Jase and Elliott. I loved getting [...]

    19. Zero Hour is the final installment in Lili St. Germain's epic Gypsy Brothers Saga. It is an epilogue after One Love and Alternate and cannot be read as a standalone.New Years Day 2015 I started the Gypsy Brothers series. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, just that it wasn't a love story, but a tale of vengeance from the strongest female protagonist I've ever read. I read the seven books in two days and was completely hooked on Lili's words ever since."Not all vengeance is hollow. I f [...]

    20. What happens when you get to zero?I'm so glad the author decided to give her readers more of Jase & Juliette. They are both such broken characters, but still so strong. They have passed through the flames of hell, but there's still darkness on the other side. There's no way they could have survived so much evil and withstood so much pain and not be permanently scarred by those experiences. Their fury kept them fueled. Their enemies kept them alert. Their secrets kept them awake at night. The [...]

    21. The Gypsy Brothers is such an amazing series that will hit you hard in the chest and will leave your mind reeling afterwards. This book brought me the closure that I have longed for since beginning this series years ago. All of the elements that attracted me to these books are still present in the final installment: the darkness, the grittiness, the sense of impending doom and heartbreak. It was the best way to end it. I held off on reading this book for about a year, because I wasn't quite read [...]

    22. DNFThis hasn't really come as a surprise to me considering I wasn't a huge fan of Alternate. I just feel like this story should have ended with the 7th--and supposedly final--book of the serial. I'm over reading about Jase and Julz now. The only bits that really had my attention, much like in Alternate, were the scenes with Dornan. He is a character I have always been intrigued by and I cannot wait for his own series to continue as I love, love, loved book 1! But as for the Gypsy Brothers series [...]

    23. 4 In the dark there is peace stars! Source: eARC Novella for Honest Review Courtesy of Author and TRSORI have to admit sometimes authors and readers don't want the story or series to end, which usually results in another book. However, that can often back fire because it draws out the story too much. But this was the perfect scenario where its just an epilogue/novella. This way we get just a snippet of being drawn back into this world without over doing it. Oh! Boy! Jase and Juliette are the def [...]

    24. ~*~ Obsessed by Books copy given in exchange for an honest review ~*~ "Your problem is, you stopped being angry. You stopped being vengeful. Where's that furious girl who killed all the people who did her wrong? Where's that girl who danced in the dark?"What do you do when the monster that lurks in the shadows is dead? When all you had was the need to end his reign of terror and free yourself from the stranglehold of that ultimate evil? Emptiness. Pain. And regret. The bitter hollowness of reali [...]

    25. Jase and Juliette, along with Elliot finally had the rest of their story told, and it was perfect. Although, honestly I could continue reading about them into their futures and not get tired of it. This was the ending needed to tie up loose ends left after the end of the Gypsy Brothers series. You must have read that entire series, and I'd also suggest the novella Alternate, before reading this book.There are still so many unresolved hurts and resentments lying beneath the surface for both Jase [...]

    26. More reviews at Li'l Kit’s Reviews.Writing: ★★★★★Story: ★★★★★Characters: ★★★★★Overall rating: 5.0It will have blood; they say, blood will have blood.--MacBeth, SHAKESPEAREI loved the very last book in this series because we got to hear Jace, Elliot, *and* Juliette's POVs. It was nice hearing Jase and Elliot's thoughts too.This was a great HEA ending to a terrifying rollercoaster ride of death and destruction, and darkness with very little light along the way. I ha [...]

    27. Oh, you think the Uruk-hai was evil. Ha. Lili St Germain puts Tolkien's villains in panties and sends them crying back to the pit.I am crazy about this entire series, including all of the spin-off books. By crazy, I mean I'm probably one review away from holding up a sign on a street corner or something. This is my tenth LSG 5 star review. I'm not a Facebook fan, not a street team member, not a Twitter fan, or Instagram followerjust a reader that has never been let down by this series. Ok, back [...]

    28. I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads4 Stars. Zero hour is the long-awaited conclusion to the Gypsy Brothers' series. Each book is like a roller coaster ride on crack- slap to the face pacing that leaves the reader with whiplash. Once hooked on episode one, be prepared to binge-read the series in its entirety, leaving you sleepless and a bit ornery when interrupted. At the end of One Love, I felt many emotions: satisfaction, heartbreak, and relief I was finally gett [...]

    29. Perfect EndingI can't get enough of this series. Juliette, Jase and Elliot have been running for their lives and Juliette feels she is losing Jase. With sick of running they decide to take everyone down and get on with their lives. I think this book ended the series perfectly. I will miss the Gypsy Brothers but look forward to reading what Lili will come up with next.

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