Arenas movedizas

Arenas movedizas Arenas movedizas es en cierta manera un libro de memorias pero muy peculiar No hay sucesi n temporal y el arranque es la enfermedad actual del autor y lo que su diagn stico desencaden en l recuerdo

  • Title: Arenas movedizas
  • Author: Henning Mankell Carmen Montes Cano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Arenas movedizas es, en cierta manera, un libro de memorias, pero muy peculiar No hay sucesi n temporal y el arranque es la enfermedad actual del autor y lo que su diagn stico desencaden en l recuerdos distanciados en el tiempo y no necesariamente consecutivos, que Mankell relaciona de un modo u otro con las grandes preguntas del hombre qu somos , c mo nos enfrentaArenas movedizas es, en cierta manera, un libro de memorias, pero muy peculiar No hay sucesi n temporal y el arranque es la enfermedad actual del autor y lo que su diagn stico desencaden en l recuerdos distanciados en el tiempo y no necesariamente consecutivos, que Mankell relaciona de un modo u otro con las grandes preguntas del hombre qu somos , c mo nos enfrentamos a la muerte , de qu tenemos miedo , qu mundo dejaremos en herencia , en qu creemos, y por qu Para responder a ellas, Mankell recurre a sucesos del pasado un d a en el colegio cuando era peque o, una visita al Museo Brit nico, una lectura sobre la Isla de Pascua, la verdadera naturaleza de las arenas movedizas o el poder del hielo, la muerte de un ni o mozambique o, visitas a Salamanca, a Mantua, a Buenos Aires, a Malta y a las ruinas de Hagar Qim Con estas incursiones en el pasado surge un retrato, desde la infancia y la adolescencia hasta la madurez, del Mankell de carne y hueso, que examina su vida y, con ella, cuestiones que afectan a toda la humanidad.

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    1. Henning Mankell Carmen Montes Cano

      Henning Mankell was an internationally known Swedish crime writer, children s author and playwright He was best known for his literary character Kurt Wallander.Mankell split his time between Sweden and Mozambique He was married to Eva Bergman, Swedish director and daughter of Ingmar Bergman.


    1. Mankell wrote this book after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Not a book asking for pity nor exhibit any, instead a book that while it does go into some of his feeling about the struggle he will face, his reactions and thoughts after being diagnosed, is more a book about his wide range of interests. Things he thinks about, such as the nuclear waste that we will leave for future generations, Easter Island and disappearing cultures, things that were that are no more, the tenuous connection we ha [...]

    2. "Don't be ashamed because you are a human being, be proud! Inside you is an endless series of strong rooms, one after another. You never come to an end, and that is how it should be."Quicksand opens with this quotation, and the book goes on to take you through the strong rooms of Henning Mankell's extraordinary mind. Written a response to his diagnosis of terminal cancer in 2012, this is book which is neither autobiography, nor philosophy, but something much more interesting. I always wondered h [...]

    3. BOTWbbc/programmes/b0736pkftheguardian/books/2016Description: Henning Mankell was creator of Wallander, the fictional detective. His posthumous essays, translated by Laurie Thompson with Marlaine Delargy, and abridged by Katrin Williams, refer to his illness and explore much more besides.1/5: An unexpected car accident, diagnosis, then rich recollections of his school-days, which includes a life-changing revelation2/5: One day at school, struggling with Latin, he decides to up sticks and make fo [...]

    4. From BBC Radio 4 - Book of the Week:Henning Mankell was creator of Wallander, the fictional detective. His posthumous essays, translated by Laurie Thompson with Marlaine Delargy, and abridged by Katrin Williams, refer to his illness and explore much more besides:An unexpected car accident, diagnosis, then rich recollections of his school-days, which includes a life-changing revelationReader Tim Pigott-SmithProducer Duncan Minshullc/programmes/b0736pkf

    5. Drijfzand van Henning Mankell. Wat een boek over de langetermijngevolgen van het opslaan van kernafval had moeten worden, werd een meesterlijke roman over wat er in het hoofd van een mens omgaat wanneer men plots te horen krijgt te lijden aan een ernstige vorm van kanker. Plots vallen alle zekerheden weg, komen vroegere angsten naar boven en ontstaan er nieuwe. Plots filosofeert men over de zin van het leven, over de minuscule tijd die we als mens doorbrengen op deze aardbol in het geheel van de [...]

    6. Henning Mankelll es conocido por sus libros del comisario Wallander. Pero probablemente su mejor libro sea "Arenas Movedizas", reflexiones sobre la vida y la esperanza cuando ya se le ha diagnosticado cáncer. Conmovedor.

    7. After receiving his diagnosis of the lung cancer that would claim him 18 months later, Henning Mankell wrote this collection of essays on a far ranging number of subjects, but which all emphasize his zest for life. Most of these essays, none more than 5 pages, are centered on the forward motion of time's arrow, using such examples as the ticking time bomb of nuclear waste stored in a Finnish mountain, the importance of art even that from 20,000 years ago, and why the past fascinates so. He remem [...]

    8. This should be a depressing book, given its subject matter, and the fact that the author, translator and even the poet quoted in the opening, all died in 2015. Mankell wrote these essays after being diagnosed with cancer. He discusses how he feels about this, the memories it evokes and many of the people who have touched his life.Like most collections of essays, the quality is, at times uneven, but ultimately they are all worth the journey. This is a life affirming book. Having no religion, he t [...]

    9. "In a way that starry night sky is a mirror in which we see our own faces."Quicksand is the last book by Henning Mankell, one of my favourite authors who died last year. It is a collection of memories and essays on many topics. But mainly, he philosophizes on the topics of life and death after being given the death sentence by cancer. He reminiscences about his childhood, adolescent and younger days. He talks about ancient cave paintings and ice ages. He worries about the toxic nuclear waste and [...]

    10. "Quicksand" is Henning Mankell's swan song. Written from the time when he was first diagnosed with cancer, it is a reflection of what Mankell considered to be his humanity, his soul, his introspections of what is important as he leaves this earth. Split into three parts, he ruminates on the horrors of burying nuclear waste that will be toxic for a hundred thousand years, he explores his thoughts on the origin of art and prehistoric cave paintings, and finally he reminisces about his life and lov [...]

    11. Uno de mis autores favoritos, Hennig Mankell, va al doctor por un problema de tortícolis y sale con un diagnóstico de cáncer. Decide escribir su último libro para enfrentar esta sentencia de muerte. Las reflexiones del momento de Mankell se mezclan con momentos importantes de su infancia y juventud, entremezclándose de manera maravillosa para expresar su sentir. Es conmovedor su temor e incertidumbre al saber que no será parte del futuro y como bien dice, mientras alguien lo recuerde, segu [...]

    12. Henning Mankell wrote this series of short essays after learning he had lung cancer. As the creator of the Kurt Wallander series, Mankell could be considered one of the best authors ever in his genre. This book illustrates just what an incredible mind he had. His topics covered his dreams as a child, the beauty in a street artist's performance and ranged as far as his concern for the storage of nuclear waste. Not every essay will be to every reader's taste, but the overall effect is profound and [...]

    13. What an absolute privilege to listen to the calm expression of a man writing in the second-last year of his life, knowing he is going to die soon. He describes the terror of his cancer diagnosis as being like quicksand - yet finds the presence to "crawl back out of the sand and begin to come to terms with what had happened."The book is a celebration of the joy of being human and the zest for life so many are blessed with, yet he never shies away from naming the pain, suffering and injustice affl [...]

    14. Genre; Non-fictie Uitgever; De Geus ISBN; 978 90 445 3483 2 Uitvoering; Hardcover Aantal pagina’s; 369 Uitgave ; mei 2015De cover;De cover spreekt mij aan. Rustige cover. Witte achtergrond met een getekend portret van Henning Mankell. De titel in oranje springt er uit, maar is toch rustig. De cover krijgt een 7.5Mijn reden voor dit boek;Ik ben een groot fan van Henning Mankell. Niet alleen zijn boeken, maar ook hoe hij als mens op mij overkomt. Betrokken, gepassioneerd, maatschappijkritis [...]

    15. Een nieuw boek van de bij ons vooral voor thrillers bekende Henning Mankell, die echter ook toneelstukken, kinderboeken en heel wat romans heeft geschreven. Dit is zijn 47ste boek! Hij is een man met meerdere kanten: als 17-jarige naar Parijs gegaan, gewerkt als theaterdirecteur in Zweden én in Mozambique en in andere Afrikaanse landen gewoond, en altijd geëngageerd voor de wereld om hem heen: een deel van de opbrengst van dit Zweedse boek gaat naar het Zweedse "cancerfonden". Hij schreef ooit [...]

    16. Prima opera che leggo di quest'autore, un'autentica rivelazione sia per il tipo di scrittura, che per i temi affrontati. Il tema centrale chiaramente è la morte, che si affaccia nella sua vita , annunciandosi improvvisamente, inaspettatamente e costringendolo ad affrontarla in qualche modo. Non si conoscono le proprie reazioni di fronte ad un particolare evento, se non quando ci si trova costretti ad affrontarlo. Ed ecco che l'autore si ritrova a fare il punto della situazione della sua vita, a [...]

    17. This is Henning Mankell's last book and maybe one of his best. It is his reflections on a life well lived from his childhood in Sweden to his theater work in Mozambique. He reflects on the way that we can shape the future of humanity if we choose and how his journeys changed his understanding of the world. He will be missed.

    18. Mankells letztes Werk ist ein sehr persönliches Buch in dem er unter anderem über seine Krebserkrankung erzählt. Als Leser bzw. Zuhörer erfährt man über eine Rückblende über besondere Ereignisse im Leben des Autors, von seiner Kindheit bis hin zu seinem Engagement in Afrika. Er beschäftigt sich mit dem Zustand der Welt, von Umweltverschmutzung bis hin zum Atomzeitalter und dessen Auswirkungen auf das Leben. Diesen Gedanken kann man gut folgen und sie spiegeln durchaus Gedanken und Ängs [...]

    19. Quicksand, Henning MANKELL translated Laurie Thompson, both deceased!I have read Henning MANKELL except some of his Africa series for decades and wasn't sure about this his last book but having heard bits read on radio I downloaded and it's eerie because both HM and the translator are now dead end 2015 and he's written it as his journey through life through his perspective of having had his cancer diagnosis. But as with his articles and writings he has such a fabulous perspective, view of things [...]

    20. Jeg har givet den fire stjerner, selvom bogen langt fra er perfekt. Det er fabulerende prosastykker om dette og hint. En bekymret mands angst for døden og glæde over livet. Jeg har et blødt punkt for Mankell, tildels fordi jeg kan genkende mig selv, eller i hvert fald kan jeg genkende mange af hans refleksioner. I Kirsten Jacobsens biografi (som jeg har et yderst ambivalent forhold til, fordi jeg synes hun er alt for benovet, men samtidig forstår, hvad hun er faldet for), beskrives Mankell s [...]

    21. Quicksand by Henning Mankell is a sublime and extraordinary read.Only a person with rich, adventurous and diverse experiences, a person who has traveled widely, a person with the time to think and read deeply about the world could have written this hybrid of essay and memoir.The stories are comprised of sixty-seven short vignettes that are both profound and revealing. Mankell covers ancient cave paintings, running off to Paris at sixteen, reading books to understand where came from in Greece, Pi [...]

    22. Tengo un prejuicio a la hora de escribir esta reseña, porque Mankell es mi autor preferido. Sin embargo, me parece que el libro, por sí solo, vale la pena.El libro es tanto de ensayos como memorias, y está construido con base en el diagnóstico que Mankell recibió hace unos años: un cáncer metastático que terminó por quitarle la vida la semana pasada. A partir de esto, Mankell nos regresa a sus primeros recuerdos, a su adolescencia, a sus roces con la muerte y al legado, no sólo suyo, s [...]

    23. Mankells Leben war voll und auch das Ende fand ihn "lebendig". Nach der Lektüre dieses Buches bin ich noch mehr gespannt den Kommissar Wallander Serie zu beenden, denn jetzt scheine ich er besser zu verstehen.La vita di Mankell é stata piena e anche la fine lo ha trovato vivo. Dopo aver letto questo libro sono ancora piú curiosa di finire la serie del Commissario Wallander, perché ora mi sembra di capirlo meglio.

    24. Die Kapitel sind jeweils ca. 3-4 Seiten lang. Nach ca. 100 Seiten wollte ich eigentlich nicht weiterlesen, weil die Kernaussagen immer die gleichen waren und sich die einzelnen Kapitel zu sehr ähnelten. Das wurde im Verlaufe des Buches besser. Es ist schwierig das ganze zu bewerten, da der Autor zu meinen Lieblingsschriftstellern zählt und in Anbetracht der damaligen Lebensumstände das Buch zustande kam und er den Kampf verloren hat. Aus dem Grund wird es keine Verteilung von Sternen geben.

    25. Nothing concentrates the mind, it is said, like the prospect of being hung in the morning.For Henning Mankell, the sentence was neither conclusive nor immediate, but nearly so. This book contains ruminations that begin with a cancer diagnosis and continue through the months of his treatment, uncertain of the verdict he will receive when it ends. The result is more than sixty short chapters that don’t pursue a narrative thread, but range freely, yet in an interconnected way, over a lifetime of [...]

    26. This is not the book I expected, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The blurb and the publicity led me to expect the focus of the book to be on Mankell's cancer and imminent death. Whilst these issues were the prompt for the book, they do not really describe the contents. What Mankell has given us is a reflection on what humans from the past have left for us and what we are leaving for societies in the future. So, we go back to the inspiration and motivation of the first artists and look f [...]

    27. I was reading a bunch of library books which came up while I was searching in Biographies and Memoirs and came across this one. As the full title discloses, this is not just a memoir of Mankell, it is a musing on what it means to be human. Mankell's point of view includes a word that is missing from the title and that is "should". He weaves his anecdotes and dreams together with his take on what it should mean to be a human being. Reading the words and thoughts if a good writer almost always kee [...]

    28. There seems to be an expectation that the words of people at death's doorstep would carry special weight, but I'm not sure why anyone would suddenly gain worthwhile insights that had eluded them all their life. So, if you approach this book hoping to find life-changing insights, you'll probably be disappointed. In these 60-something essays, Mankell reflects an many of the same themes you'd find in his novels. Some of them are quite repetitive, e.g. the too frequent returns to the radioactive was [...]

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