Loving the Hawke

Loving the Hawke A wounded war hero and a determined wallflowerAfter five seasons as a wallflower Lettie Fairchild is resigned to spinsterhood Mostly Determined to claim meaning for her life than seeing her younger s

  • Title: Loving the Hawke
  • Author: Lana Williams
  • ISBN: 9781523307340
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • A wounded war hero and a determined wallflowerAfter five seasons as a wallflower, Lettie Fairchild is resigned to spinsterhood Mostly Determined to claim meaning for her life than seeing her younger sisters married, she seeks a purpose She finds what she s looking for when she happens upon a book describing seven curses that plague London Nathaniel Hawke is attA wounded war hero and a determined wallflowerAfter five seasons as a wallflower, Lettie Fairchild is resigned to spinsterhood Mostly Determined to claim meaning for her life than seeing her younger sisters married, she seeks a purpose She finds what she s looking for when she happens upon a book describing seven curses that plague London Nathaniel Hawke is attempting to adjust to civilian life after retiring from the military, but his injured leg and memories of his time in the service prevent an easy transition On his long walks during London s darkest hours, Nathaniel is appalled by what he sees taking place on the dirty streets and alleyways He is determined to take action Coming upon a proper, if rebellious, lady in the desolate area both intrigues and frustrates him.Nathaniel s disregard for his personal safety infuriates Lettie even as her heart is touched by his determination to aid the city s neglected children.As the two wounded souls stumble upon each other time and again in slums and ballrooms, they realize they fight a common cause and share an unbridled passion.Will the curse they fight be their downfall Or will love win the day

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      Lana Williams is a bestselling author who writes historical romance filled with mystery, adventure, and a pinch of paranormal to stir things up.Her latest series is The Seven Curses of London, set in Victorian times, and shares stories of men who attempt to battle the ills of London, and the ladies they fall in love with, who truly give them something worth fighting for.Her first medieval trilogy is set in England and follows heroes seeking vengeance only to find love when they least expect it The second trilogy begins on the Scottish border and follows the second generation of the de Bremont family.The Secret Trilogy, which shares stories set in Victorian London, follows three lords injured in an electromagnetic experiment that went terribly wrong and the women who help heal them through the power of love.Filled with a love of books from an early age, Lana put pen to paper and decided happy endings were a must in any story she created She writes in the Rocky Mountains with her husband, two growing sons, and two dogs.She loves hearing from readers Stop by her website and say hello


    1. A pleasant 2.5 stars. Our hero is a good guy with a massive hang-up about being the second son. His inferiority complex got a bit much at times, despite the backstory of the verbally vicious dad, the uncaring mum and the cold, a-bit-like-dad brother (who features in Rescuing the Earl.)The heroine Letty is sweet and well-intentioned, but very naive. Both want to do something about the poverty that lurks outside of the sheltered environs of Mayfair and about which they have read in a book called T [...]

    2. Good book, butGood book but it was a bit slow at times. The action really picked up in the last few chapters and the conclusion felt a bit rushed. Hawke went from pushing Lettie away to realizing he loved her in less than a chapter. I’m interested in the next book in the series and hope it isn’t as slow paced then rushed as this one.

    3. A love story where passion and suspense intertwine!Loving the Hawke, is a beautiful Victorian romance story, introducing us to Lana Williams's captivating new series, The Seven Curses of London! She nicely blended her two charming characters, Nathaniel Hawke, a retired captain and Lettie Fairchild, a passionate woman, into a charming love story.London, England 1870Nathaniel, is a broken man physically and emotionally because of the war. He sees desolation among poor neglected young girls of Lond [...]

    4. I absolutely loved this book! The love story between Lettie and Nathaniel was so well done. Nether one of them felt like they deserved the other. I also like the excerpts from The Seven Curses of London. My favorite quote from the book kinda sums it up. "No, She was a wallflower and he was a hero. No matter how much she stretched her imagination she wouldn't see any world where they were more than passing acquaintances." I highly recommend this book and will be looking for the next in the series [...]

    5. One of the finest works I've read while waiting for the passing of the old year (2017) into the new. I particularly like the flow and pacing of the story for although I am impatient about Hawke's prevarication about his importance/worth as a person in his own right despite being merely a second son and thus of no account in his father's eyes and in the eyes of other shallow status conscious as well as greedy members of the ton ~ the manifestation of which (Hawke's angst) to the reader has not dr [...]

    6. Lettie and Nathaniel, two troubled souls who keep bumping into each other, both after the same thing though they don't know it.This story is beautifully written with romance, a mystery to be solved, clever detective work, a common goal to be reached and two strong and interesting main characters both of whom have issues that they need to work through.The subject matter of the story revolves around a book telling of sad but interesting facts about conditions in London and I thought the author did [...]

    7. I really did enjoy this book. At times it got a little boring but the premise behind Lettie Fairchild mission makes it a worthwhile read. Lettie is in her 5th season and is now ready to become a spinster and tries to find a real mission in life to help someone improve themselves. She wants to make a difference in London, at a time when London is deep in turmoil. She happens upon a book that lists the seven curses that plague London. Well, she sets out and promptly gets in trouble. Nathan Hawke s [...]

    8. This was not my cup of tea. It is not the typical historical romance I expected ( it is no romance at all) but on the contrary full of realistic scenes of poverty, cruelty, means to survive in the slums of London. The two main characters try to better the situation of abused children, both characters did not get my sympathy. He is constantly wallowing in self pity about his limping caused by his war injury, she acts foolish by directly adressing girls in the public she wants to save. It might be [...]

    9. Ok, I know it's hard, but ignore the cover. It's awful. The storyline is really good, the characters are multi-layered, and it's a can't put it down seriously!! The only negative part of the whole thing was their sexual relationship because that was just silly. There was a ton of tension and every time they kissed, it was awesome. But him fingering her in the study one night and then having sex a few days later (after becoming "fake" engaged) was kind of cheapening to both their characters. I do [...]

    10. A reasonably read with a good premise for a plot and some interesting secondary characters. It also gives us incite into the seedier aspects of Victorian London. I believe the author has done some research. However I did have some issues which can only lead me to an overall 3.5 rating. I was not enamoured of Nathaniel's self-deprecation as I found it way over the top, and I think Lettie did some irresponsible things. Some issues were also suspended in mid air and never really addressed. For exam [...]

    11. Letita Fairchild is the oldest of five girls,she takes care of her younger siblings. It is important that she do something to help the neglected children. Nathaniel Hawke is a second son and had been told all his life he was not needed.I enjoyed this story. The mother is always asking Letitia to do things like she was still a child. Her father was a sweet man and she loved him very much.There was so much going on, danger, mayhem and Intrigue. stealing children and killing people.Nathaniel was in [...]

    12. A well crafted love you that will keep your attention until the final page. The heroine, who is in her fifth season and a blue stocking wallflower, meets the hero, who is a medically retired Royal Navy Captain, in an unexpected encounter while both are engaged in doing social reform work for young girls. When they unite to accompany their social work, albeit by different means, they develop a mutual attraction for each other. The story is well told and will keep the reader's interest until the f [...]

    13. This book was a very entertaining historical romance. I found the characters, particularly the main female, to be very interesting. Books like these often portray society women as shallow and only interested in the next social event/meeting a potential husband. In this book, the lead female is anything but shallow. She embarks on a journey to help the poor children of London and in the process meets a man with the same passion. This book not only tells of their love, but also their quest to stop [...]

    14. CHARMING & MEANINGFULI liked this very charming novella about two very deserving of love, yet scarred by their parents they were not. Letitia, our heroine is brought to the attention of our hero in this case, a Naval Hero, Captain Nathaniel Hawke while in a very poor section of London! It shows character in both personalities that they recognize the positive attributes of the other; and Lana Williams, has meaningful shown us their story as they fight each other, themselves, and family with t [...]

    15. Loved the storyThis story is written around a book written in 1869 about the deplorable conditions of the poor in London at the time. I loved the way the main characters, Hawke and Lettie, were drawn to do something to help others and met as Lettie was determined to find a way and Hawke was compelled to keep her safe. Both believed they had little worth and it was wonderful to see how they each grew to learn otherwise through the caring of the other. It is a very satisfying read and I look forwa [...]

    16. Lettie a wallflower, eldest daughter of four daughters, mother treats her like a servant more than a daughter. After finding Nathaniel both of them go on a journey to change the way London is even if it means risking their safety. They help the girls that are being sold by setting them free and giving them a life they never had a chance to get. They both end up falling for each other and with their love they are going to conquer obstacles.

    17. Loving the HawkeI found this story very interesting and informative. Child neglect and kidnapping and the lack of concern by the police as well as the lawmakers was astounding. How just a couple of individuals could save the neglected children. By uniting together, the achieve their goal while also finding love.

    18. Good plot and charactersThis book has a good plot with interesting characters. Very good story throughout but the ending felt too rushed. It was still a good read for the beginning of the series.

    19. Lettie is trying to make a difference in someone’s life. She is in the seedy side of London hoping to find a girl to become an apprentice in a seamstress shop. Hawks finds her and hurried her away. Two people trying to make a difference find each other.

    20. Really great storySuch a great story of old London and the mysteries surrounding it. I didn't care for Letitia's mother but it seems she wasn't a favorite of many including her daughters and even her husband.

    21. This book was awesome. I loved the writing and plot. It captured me and made me want to go find a book named The Seven Curses of London. Very enjoyable and would probably read the next one.

    22. Did not care for this book. Too slow in too many places. Hawke's self-pity is tiresome. Happy ending only redeeming factor.

    23. Had to agree with a previous reviewer that Nathaniel's inferiority issues were brought up again and again and againOtherwise a pleasant way to kill a rainy day.

    24. Loving The HawkeI loved this story, I recommend everyone to read this book. I look forward to reading more of her books. Kattie.

    25. Loving the HawkeAn entertaining read featuring a retired Captain and a young lady well has a desire to accomplish a Good Deed.

    26. Good bookI enjoyed this book and will be reading the rest of the series in the coming months good book for reading while at the beach

    27. It's about the causeLove, two like souls and a worthy cause made this book a wonderful story! No matter the day or time in history, love does conquer all!

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