Counterblow Set after Return to Zero Shatterproof Bond book After the devastating events in the Scottish Highlands Sam and Declan have moved on to a new deeper level in their romance Their commitment to each

  • Title: Counterblow
  • Author: Isobel Starling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Set after Return to Zero Shatterproof Bond book 3 After the devastating events in the Scottish Highlands, Sam and Declan have moved on to a new, deeper level in their romance Their commitment to each other is unquestionable however, there are plenty of questions that need answering about other aspects of their lives, and those who sought to end them.Sam is trying hisSet after Return to Zero Shatterproof Bond book 3 After the devastating events in the Scottish Highlands, Sam and Declan have moved on to a new, deeper level in their romance Their commitment to each other is unquestionable however, there are plenty of questions that need answering about other aspects of their lives, and those who sought to end them.Sam is trying his best to deal with the day to day frustrations of his injuries He s completely dependant on Declan for everything, and hates the way the scales have tipped in their relationship Although he s officially on leave, Sam s mind cannot stop replaying all that happened to him and questioning why, and who is behind it all.Declan s relief at having Sam home throws him into house husband mode He s happy to take the reins and care for his partner, however, beneath the surface Declan cannot help but be drawn back to how he felt in the Highlands, and how they were betrayed by a man who was supposed to have their back Declan had promised Sir James Aiken that he would pay if he hurt Sam, and now Declan has to decide how he can deliver his payback and put his and Sam s world back on an even keel.

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    • Counterblow by Isobel Starling
      160 Isobel Starling
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    1. Isobel Starling

      Born in Germany, Isobel Starling spent most of her twenty year professional career making art in Ireland Now she writes full time and runs her publishing company, Decent Fellows Press.The Shatterproof Bond series is an Gay Romance bestseller Isobel has just completed her 15th book The first THREE books of Shatterproof Bond will be translated into French by Juno Publishing, German by Deadsoft Verlag, and Italian by Quixote Edizioni.The TWO books in the Pretty Boy series will be translated into French by Reines Beaux Sweet Thing will be translated into Italian by Quixote Edizioni Silken will be translated into French by Juno Publishing, Italian by Quixote Edizioni, and it will also be available in German from Decent Fellows Press As You Wish , Illuminate the Shadows and Return to Zero , Counterblow and Top Hat are all available as audiobooks, narrated by Gary Furlong Silken is an audiobook, narrated by Gomez Pugh Detective Fox and the Christmas Caper is available as an audiobook, narrated by Gary Furlong.Isobel s greatest love is writing M M relationships, and she hopes one day to actually finish the fantasy novel that she put to rest over three years ago.


    1. ~ 4.5 Stars ~ Warning: May contain minor spoilers from book three, Return to ZeroI must admit to loving this couple and their ongoing saga. I absolutely hate Sam’s father and that is all due to Isobel Starling’s impeccable writing—she can certainly write a bad guy worth their salt, and a parent who is more evil than anything else. But it’s the undeniable chemistry between Declan and Sam that just continues to grow deeper and sweeter as this series goes on that is the real winner for me. [...]

    2. A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsCounterblow picks up a short time after the events in Return to Zero. Sam is feeling traumatized, but he doesn’t want to show it. What happened was terrible, and now he’s having nightmares, along with being frustrated by being laid up and unable to be doing his job.I want to start out by telling you that you need to start at the very beginning of this series (As You Wish). You cannot go into Counterblow cold. Sam and Declan have a relationship like none other, a [...]

    3. As you all know, I am a huge fan of Declan and Sam! Let me tell you author Isobel Starling kept me on pins and needles with this newest addition to their adventures.Sam is home recovering from his massive injuries at the hands of rogue former A. A. L. agent Erik Madsson. Sir James Aiken, Sam’s father and their boss, has left them alone to make sure his son full recovers, which will be a daunting task. Declan is so worried about his fiancé, both body and mind. Night terrors from his near death [...]

    4. Suspenseful, Sexy and Fun: 4.5 stars. Oh my. Poor Sam really went through hell in the Scottish Highlands (Return to Zero) and, unfortunately, the situation didn’t instantly improve upon coming home. Far from it. Poor Sam finds himself immobilised with both a leg and an arm busted up. Declan takes care of the man he loves as best he can but even he can’t stop the nightmares from plaguing Sam night after night. Declan is however inventive enough to ensure that intimacy and sex don’t fall vic [...]

    5. 4.5 stars--Another excellent installment in the Shatterproof Bond series. As has been the case with previous books in the series, Counterblow suffers from the need for better proofreading, but the story and MCs are so much fun, that's easily overlooked though not forgiven.I was disappointed with the book's abrupt ending--I forgot a series prequel was included at the end. I am very much looking forward to book #5.

    6. Listened to the audio version of this book. Gary Furlong is fast becoming a favorite narrator of mine. The continuing story in this series gets more and more intriguing. Definitely not a stand alone. Can't wait for the next book.

    7. Book: Counterblow By: Isobel StarlingRating: 4This is Isobel Starling's 4th book in the Shatterproof Bond series. You must read the first three books in sequence or you will be impossibly confused. In this one, Sam is recovering from the traumatic experiences in the Scottish Highlands and Declan is providing him with love and support.I really enjoyed the shift of power between the two and how they dealt with it. Undoubtedly, Sam has PTSD at the hands of Erik Madsson and this allows us to see him [...]

    8. After all the hype and energy from the previous story where Sam and Declan are basically both fighting for their lives, this book was much more low key, and almost a bit anticlimactic.
The biggest reason for this is that young Sam, who is basically a 'super spy' that deep down needs his father's approval, has had the rug pulled out from underneath him and has to fight depression as well as his personal demons when he realizes, in a way, he has failed his father, Sir James, but also that he isn [...]

    9. A tense, well-written and suspenseful tale with a bit of a cliff hanger ending, but still a 4 and a half stars read. Young Sam and his partner Declan are sympathetic characters and a great couple. Sam's father James and a driven Swedish assassin provide their counterpoint as the villains in the piece. The story in this installment of the series focuses on Sam's London recuperation from horrific injuries and his evolving romantic relationship with Declan in light of his emotional and physical sca [...]

    10. Audiobook review: "Emotional"In this fourth book, we see the aftermath that the attack has had on Sam and Declan. While Sam has been broken in both mind and body, Declan is also dealing with the strain of helping Sam heal while coping with the anger and helpless feeling that the ordeal has left him with. This one doesn't have the mystery aspect that book 3 had, but we get to see more glimpses into Sam's past and understand him a bit better. I am looking forward to seeing where the couple goes ne [...]

    11. Go Declan!! (Read The Book You Will Understand)This is the fourth book in The Shatterproof Bond Series. What an captivating book the writing was great. The characters were well developed and thought out. The plot was riveting and it was steady throughout the book. I found the story and characters intriguing. Sam and Declan are the MC’s of this book and at this point a commit relationship. There was humor, intrigue, agents, secrets, husbands, mystery, lies and so much more in this book. I can h [...]

    12. I am such a huge fan of The Shatterproof series. I love Sam and Declan. This installment finds poor Sam recovering from his horrendous ordeal (Return to Zero). He is plagued by nightmares and struggling to recover. Declan is there for Sam in every way. Taking care of his physical needs as well as his emotional. I love the intimacy between these two.Of course this wouldn't be a Sam & Declan story without danger and intrigue! Isobel keeps you on the edge of your seat with her amazing storytell [...]

    13. I enjoyed the first 3 books in the series but for me this one fell a little flat.This book picks up with the guys home and Sam recovering from his injuries. To be honest not a lot happens in this book. We do see Sam interrogate Madsson. However, the book ends at 78% which I wasn't expecting. I think this book could have been fleshed out a lot more.Also for non English speaking readers, having Declans words written as the Scottish dialect rather than plain English might make it difficult to under [...]

    14. In this story, we see the well-established couple learning the need for complete honesty within their coupledom. And James, ah Jamesy, I wish I had been there to watch. Not saying any more or it'd be a spoiler. As for the little story Top Hat, it was a real treat and I could totally see that as how it began for Sam and Alex. I just always wanted to know what happened to Alex. So I guess that means we eventually find out? Yay.

    15. Counterblow picks up where Return to Zero left off. Sam is recovering from his injuries and Declan is trying to take care of him. I enjoy this series and loved seeing Sam and Declan continue to love and support each other. I'm looking forward to reading more about this couple.

    16. So - loved, loved, loved seeing these two again. Sadly we didn't see them together that much. They were each off with their own agendas. Understandable but I would have had a little more 'filler' with the two of them just living together. Still - eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

    17. Another Hit!Great, great book. Lots of intrigue , lust and love. I really love how she writes different pov's in the same chapter. Genius!

    18. Loved that Sam and Declan were back after Sam's ordeal. Declan trying to take care of Sam and Sam wanting to prove he can take care of himself. I was disappointed with the abrupt ending.

    19. "Counterblow" (Shatterproof Bond #4) is now an audiobook, narrated by Gary Furlong.Just like the rest of the series, Gary does an AMAZING job. This is a kick ass listen!audible/pd/Romance/Co"As You Wish" (Shatterproof Bond #1) Has just been released as a FABULOUS audiobook. Take a listen to a sample:US:adbl/2qnXRE4UK:adbl/2q36TU1

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