Beowulf BEOWULF HC SANTIAGO GARCIA and DAVID RUBIN unite to bring forward the myth of Beowulf which has endured for a thousand years and inspired anepic poem of the same name became a foundational piece of

  • Title: Beowulf
  • Author: Santiago García David Rubín
  • ISBN: 9781534301207
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
  • BEOWULF HC SANTIAGO GARCIA and DAVID RUBIN unite to bring forward the myth of Beowulf, which has endured for a thousand years and inspired anepic poem of the same name, became a foundational piece of English literature, and inspired generations of authors, from Tolkien to a goodnumber of Hollywood screenwritersOWULF tells of the tale of a Scandinavian hero in lands thatBEOWULF HC SANTIAGO GARCIA and DAVID RUBIN unite to bring forward the myth of Beowulf, which has endured for a thousand years and inspired anepic poem of the same name, became a foundational piece of English literature, and inspired generations of authors, from Tolkien to a goodnumber of Hollywood screenwritersOWULF tells of the tale of a Scandinavian hero in lands that would become what is now Denmark and Sweden A monster, Grendel, hasarrived in the kingdom of the Danes, devouring its men and women for 12 years until Beowulf arrives to save themRCIA and RUBIN faithfully follow the original story for a new version that is neither revisionist nor postmodern, but captures the tone andimportant details of the poem, translating its potent, epic resonance and melancholy into a contemporary comic that isn t standard swords andsorcery or heroic fantasy fare, but rather an ancient story with a modern perspective that remains respectful of the source material.

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    1. An oversized hardcover comics version of this epic tale. The language from the Lehmann and Heaney versions are missing, but there are words to help us with the story, though the tale is told primarily through dramatic and darkly colorful images. What we may recall from high school and college English course versions (and maybe a relatively recent movie adaptation) is Beowulf and Grendel (and John Gardner's Grendel is a great text to use in studying various versions of this story, of course). But [...]

    2. Beautiful and moving - a fine example of how the classics can be introduced to a new generation - hope to see more from this creative team.

    3. Beowulf is a classic Scandinavian tale that likely made it's way to Anglo-Saxon lands during the Viking invasions of England during the late 700's and into the 800's C.E. The original manuscript, a single medieval document, is housed in the British Library in London. This version is a beautiful hardcover graphic novel retelling of the famous saga of Beowulf and his Geats. On an interesting historical note, the Geats of Beowulf's tribe were likely to have lived in the south of Sweden. At the time [...]

    4. I first and last read Beowulf in college and while I was both confused and impressed with it at the time, I can't say I remember it well at all. Mostly, I remember Grendl and his lair. I think that's the only part I really enjoyed of the epic poemstory.This is a graphic novel adaptation of ye Olde English poem and it's a lot easier to read and understand, especially with the pictures for context. It doesn't seem as foreign in narrative structure as it did when I read the textbook version. Howeve [...]

    5. Every society, every culture, every niche of the human experiment has its monsters. You just have to know where to look. Whether the Jewish Lilith, broxa, or Rahab. Whether the Greek cyclops, Minotaur, or Gorgon. Whether the sailors’ Kraken, the mermaid, or sirens. Whether the Japanese yokai, Chinese qilin, Australian bunyip, or Islam’s Dead Sea apes. Monsters abound, each fulfilling their own role in the structure of the societies they haunt. The Christian mythos, long dominant in the West, [...]

    6. Okay, I’m just gonna warn, in order to express my thoughts, even though there’s no nudity, bloody imagery or uncensored language in this review because of rules (I do wish I could show you guys some of the awesome but bloody panels from this book) I have to talk about something kinda unexpected and gross briefly. If you’re particularly sensitive to gross things I suggest you don’t read this book or the cons section of this review.What’s it about?This is a comic adaptation of Beowulf, [...]

    7. Considered as being the oldest surviving long poem in Old English, Beowulf – authored by an anonymous Anglo-Saxon poet – can be seen as the prototype for the hero’s journey as not only has it inspired the likes of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, but it is a story that has been through many artistic interpretations over the centuries and given its unspecified origins, there is no definitive take on the epic poem, whether it is Robert Zemeckis’s 2007 3D motion capture film adaptation [...]

    8. Another one I will have to eventually buy, if only for the absolutely phenomenal artwork. It's been some years since I read Beowulf, but this illustrated version made me desperately want to revisit the text. I've said it before, but if more middle-ages literature was initially presented to me in graphic novel format, my interest in it wouldn't have taken nearly so long to develop. Oh, and college would have been SO. MUCH. EASIER.

    9. Wow. This is now my second favorite Beowulf adaptation, right after Ruth Lehmann's translation (the best, in my opinion, beating Heaney's because it keeps the particular end of line alliterative metre/sound of how we think the story was told)! This truly feels like a heroic epic, full of action, horror, sadness, victory, and some glory. *SPOILER, kinda* Grendel is truly scary and horrible looking (and visibly aroused during the first battle with Beowulf. That sounds silly, I know, but it's distu [...]

    10. The version of this published by Image is huge. The art is well represented. IT is a bit stylized. I liked the color palette with it's dark colors with glowering crimson ad the layouts were pretty well done. It is essentially the classic story. I enjoyed it and it was certainly worth the $16.

    11. An intriguing and intelligent comics adaptation of the Old English classic. I particularly enjoy Rubin's art and the metafictional turn at the very end.

    12. I wasn't the biggest fan of the drawing style and the stories were a bit short and only with few dialogues, but this was surely a entertaining graphic novel to read.

    13. By far, the best graphic representation of the epic classic that I have had the pleasure of reading. This was well written, well interpreted artistically, and the book as a whole unit was very pleasing (from a graphic design viewpoint). I enjoyed the entire book and couldn't put this monstrosity (no pun intended, it's a huge book) down. If you enjoy the classics and you enjoy graphic novels/comics, you NEED to read this. This epic is made even more so through Garcia and Rubin's delightful collab [...]

    14. A finales de 2013 me comenzaron a llegar muchas opiniones sobre cierto cómic español que era catalogado como una de las mejores obras del año, por lo que no me resistí a investigar sobre él. Ver que trataba sobre el mito de Beowulf llamaba mi atención pero lo que realmente me convenció para conseguirlo fue el formato, ya que se trata de un pedazo de tomo de 22x31 cm.La realidad es que lo comencé hace varias semanas, leí la primera de las tres partes que lo componen y lo aparqué hasta n [...]

    15. 3'5/5El dibujo genial. El guión es lo que esperaba de esta historia, nada nuevo ni espectacular pero es lo que promete.

    16. Buenísima adaptación a la novela gráfica de una historia que, sea dicho de paso, se presta bien a ello. Es fiel al texto original (bueno a la traducción original) y las imágenes son impresionantes.Voy a sacar mi vena filológica y voy a decir que, como profesor que tiene que dar Beowulf en clase, pienso recomendarlo para lectura. Eso sí, siempre y cuando se hayan leído el original primero, que esto no es un sustituto, esto es un remake de nota.

    17. When Grendel's penis started getting close-ups and ejaculated on Beowulf's stomach, I was ready for a dramatically different reinterpretation of this age-old classic. But then I realized the artist was just going for shock and awe to offset the rather pedestrian script. There's action and gore aplenty for fans of Conan-style sword and sorcery epics, but little else worth mentioning.

    18. Santiago García I love graphic novels and this one wowed me. I would recommend this to anyone but especially if you love the Viking era ( like me) or struggled with the epic poem/ work in high school. This brings the epic to life like I have never seen before. The artwork is amazing. I reminds me if you combine Samurai Jack with Predator. Bloody Fantastic! My only qualm is that I went by too fast. You should read it if not for the artwork alone! Yasssssss!

    19. I went into this very much wanting to like it - after all, Beowulf is like the Ur-Lord of the Rings - but to my mild surprise the graphic novel adaptations just doesn’t do the story much justice.Part of the problem is structural. In many ways Beowulf is not a “good” story by the standards of modern writing. It’s basically three action scenes strung together, breezed through by an OP protagonist. There’s a lot more going on beneath the surface, I know, but superficially it’s just a ge [...]

    20. Empecé 'Beowulf' con algunos prejuicios después de que 'El Héroe' no me terminara de convencer del todo, pero me he encontrado con una obra que ha hecho que su lectura merezca mucho la pena. Creo que el dibujo de Rubín dio un importante salto cualitativo en 'El Héroe', y ahora, con el guión de Santiago García, pasa a una nueva dimensión. Mientras que 'El Héroe' tenía una cierta vertiente pop que me chirriaba bastante (no puedo dejar de comparar ambas obras por todo lo que tienen en com [...]

    21. Got the book as a giveaway from Image Comics.It's a successful graphic novel adaptation of the Nordic legend, Beowulf. I don't think the story itself is particularly interesting: Basically, a Nordic hero fights against monsters. Yet, the drawings are beautiful, and the story-telling is successful. It's a book that you'd start to read and won't stop before finishing the whole thing (which won't take too long). It contains lots of blood and some nudity, hence the label for "mature readers". If you [...]

    22. Épico por todas partes, en el guión, en el arte, en la historialos personajesOh los personajes, ca este Beowulf tiene ganas de vivir, de ser grande, de comerse a todo lo que le pase por frente , incluso aunque no quiera, si bien el monstruo se queda en un ser inhumano que arrasa con todo y ya. Yo habia visto al película de Zemeckis y si, te predispone mucho pero acá el drama es mas humano, mas intenso, mas visceral ( y no porque aparezcan mas órganos que en una clase de biologia) , aca la h [...]

    23. I won a copy of this book.This is a graphic novel and is rated M for mature. "Beowulf" is a story that is as old as the English Language. This graphic novel tells the tale with images that depict the battle of Beowulf as he fights the Grendel. The book is big enough to be considered a coffee table book. I was very excited to get to see and review this book.

    24. Testosterone-fueled adaptation that's like reading another blood-soaked Frank Miller graphic novel. The graphic novel loses the spellbinding text that fills the poem. Like a movie adaptation, what we get here is the action story, not the beauty of the words that created it.

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