Dark Embrace

Dark Embrace Left penniless and alone by the untimely death of her father Sarah Lowell works as a day nurse at King s College Hospital Her daily walk to and from work crosses the Rookery of St Giles a dangerous

  • Title: Dark Embrace
  • Author: Eve Silver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Left penniless and alone by the untimely death of her father, Sarah Lowell works as a day nurse at King s College Hospital Her daily walk to and from work crosses the Rookery of St Giles, a dangerous place made all the frightening by the fact that someone lurks in the shadows, watching Sarah, stalking her like a beast of prey Enigmatic surgeon Killian Thayne offerLeft penniless and alone by the untimely death of her father, Sarah Lowell works as a day nurse at King s College Hospital Her daily walk to and from work crosses the Rookery of St Giles, a dangerous place made all the frightening by the fact that someone lurks in the shadows, watching Sarah, stalking her like a beast of prey Enigmatic surgeon Killian Thayne offers Sarah his protection, but his sensual, commanding presence presents another kind of danger Killian wears his professionalism like a mask, concealing the darkness buried in his soul He is drawn to Sarah, lured by her intellect, her dry wit, and yes, her loneliness, for it calls to his own Then a patient is found dead, drained of blood Another soon follows, and another, and rumors paint Killian as the monster who killed them As evidence mounts and the threatening presence that stalks her draws ever nearer, Sarah must decide if Killian is a man deserving of her love or a sinister creature determined to make her his next victim.

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      National bestselling author Eve Silver has been praised for her edgy, steamy, action packed books, darkly sexy heroes and take charge heroines Her work has garnered starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Quill and Quire, two RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Awards, Library Journal s Best Genre Fiction Award, and she was nominated for the Romance Writers of America RITA Award The first book in Eve s new teen series, THE GAME RUSH, is available now Watch for PUSH, coming from Katherine Tegen Books, June 2014 Eve lives with her husband, two sons, an energetic Airedale terrier and an exuberant border collie shepherd Contact Eve through her website at evesilverVisit Eve on Twitter twitter Eve_SilverPlease do not send requests for review copies through I don t have any ARCs of PUSH If you d like a review copy, please contact HarperCollins


    1. Dark Embrace by Eve Silver is book six in her Dark Gothic series and if you haven’t checked this series out yet, you definitely should remedy that. They are historical, gothic, romance and I love everything about them. This book is centered on Sarah Lowell who has been left on her own when her father dies unexpectedly. She is just getting by as a day nurse at King’s College Hospital but her love of medicine and caring for people is what keeps her going. In her role, most of the staff don’t [...]

    2. This was a wonderful read - it's everything I could want from a paranormal romance novel.The heroine is barely described physically, what we know about her is that she's intelligent, compassionate and brave. Those three things being far more meaningful and attractive than a fine rack and a set o' load bearing hips.When she meets Killian, a mysterious surgeon working at the hospital, she can't help but be attracted to a man who values and respects her opinions and choices.This is just the best fo [...]

    3. Eve Silver can do no wrong! Buuuuuuut, that being said, I do think the story was a little short for my taste. Things happened quickly, not much action and I felt a little cheated. However, I can put that aside and tell you that she writes so dang well. I LOVE historical paranormal so this was right up my alley- steamy with great dialogue. Really, I cant really complain.

    4. 4.5 starsEve Silver’s Dark Embrace, newly expanded and edited, has everything we readers have come to expect from one of her novels… fascinating characters, landscapes and scenery that are characters in and of themselves, intrigue, and of course plenty of steamy romance between our hero and heroine. Sarah Lowell is left to fend for herself when her father dies and his body is never recovered. Renting a tiny room in a boarding house in a less than desirable part of London, working as a day nu [...]

    5. This is a deliciously gothic romance about an unusually smart and spunky heroine, Sarah, and the tortured vampire, Killian, she falls in love with. The story is rife with the type of tension you want from this genre, and the dark, almost oppressive, atmosphere is at times as thick as the eery London fog. I adore the heroine, Sarah. She's smart and a problem solver. She may be a victim of some terrible circumstances, but she's determined to make the best of her situation. A wilting violet she is [...]

    6. Spoiler-free ARC Review5 Stars!The previous 5 books in this series fall under the categories of historical fiction/ romance/ thriller.This is the first one to be a paranormal romance.Plot and even characters aside - this book follows with Eve's writing style and her brilliant way of scene setting - especially well done in this series compared to her others ( which are also very, very good! ).I thoroughly enjoyed this book with it's cleverly interconnecting plots, wonderful characters and beautif [...]

    7. Sarah Lowell had a fulfilling life, assisting her father, a doctor, as he treated his patients. Over the years, she became almost as knowledgeable as he. His unexpected death robbed her not only of the vocation she loved, but of her very own home. Her lack of funds forced her to live in the destitute area called St. Giles, and to accept the menial position of nurse at King's College Hospital. Nurses back then were a far cry from what they are today. Basically, they cleaned and fed the patients, [...]

    8. I loved this book! The atmosphere was eerie and Eve just draws you into to this historical world without you realizing it. I read numerous historical romances and sometimes you hear the descriptions, sometimes you get a hint of the surroundings, then books like this pull and you are there. You just find yourself there on the streets or in the hospital where the majority of the story takes place. Sarah Lowell is no swooning damsel in this story, but she is a strong, smart, and very cautious woman [...]

    9. I adore this entire series! I have said it before, my only problem with Eve Silver's books are that they end. Dark Embrace was slightly different from the others in this series, being that it deals with vampires. They merely are part of the story and not the point of this story and that was pretty amazing. Killian is a man after my own heart (and being that he shares the name of my favorite Irish red beer, only made him more sexy.) He has been alone for a long long time and his emptiness from th [...]

    10. This is the first book in the Dark Gothic series I have read and I was totally hooked right from the start. This book has plenty of mystery, intrigue, surprises and romance. Sarah is a strong independent women with medical skills learnt from her father that would put the other doctors to shame but is unable to use them due to the era she lives in. Killian is a mysterious and appealing doctor who sees Sarah talent and allows her to provide her opinion which makes him even more appealing. After my [...]

    11. Dark Embrace is the first book in the Dark Gothic series by Eve Silver that I have had the pleasure to read. Going in I knew it was the sixth book in the series but since it sounded like something I would enjoy reading I decided to give it a try. I am certainly glad I did. It was fabulous. It is a standalone novel so it isn't necessary to read the previous books before reading this story. Although, since I enjoyed this book so much I will definitely be reading the others. The story is captivatin [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book from ebook discovery. This is my honest, freely given review.Our heroine has spent a lot of her life helping her father, who was a doctor, tend his patients. When she recieves news that he drowned she asks for a position at Kings College Hospital and gets a position as a day nurse whose opinion and ideas are almost universally ignored as she couldn't possibly know more than the doctors. Only Killian stands up for her and her seemingly outrageous ideaske clean banda [...]

    13. I don't post spoilers, so if you want to know what the buzz is all aboutt this book!Eve Silver sets the scene beautifully in her latest gothic romance. The descriptions are so vivid (without being exhaustive) that I could feel the cool fingers of fog on the back of my neck during the suspenseful parts. As usual, her characters are not only believable but likable, and the mystery, tension, and build up to the romance are addictive! The end was a tad predictable since I read SO many of these, but [...]

    14. Dark Embrace (Dark Gothic Book 6)By Eve Silver *Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the author for my honest review. The following review is my own with no input, compensation, nor promises from the author*.Coming into this book from Eve’s Sins Series I wasn’t sure what exactly I was going to get. Was it going to be a la Johanna Lindsey? Was it going to be similar to the Sins series? It was not either of those. It was so damn good in its own right. It is amazing. Eve definitely ha [...]

    15. An enjoyable read with a very sweet romance. Both H&h are very likeable and the backstory was much appreciated. As for the suspense part of the story, I personally had the mystery figured out quickly in the story, and the ending wrapped it up very quickly. I would have appreciated a little more of an epilogue to update on how they were existing and what they were planning on doing etc, as I found the epilogue to be very short. Overall, a good suspenseful romance. *I received an ARC of this b [...]

    16. I was disappointed in this book. It is more a novella and as the author states she expanded the book from a short story. I very much liked the heroine Sarah but because the story was so short there wasn't a lot of character development or plot development for that matter. It's too bad because the H & h were very interesting characters and their circumstances unique. Silva could have taken these two people and written a longer, more complex novel. I wanted much more.I also didn't expect Kille [...]

    17. Silver delivers again with Dark Embrace - A romance - A mystery - A little historyThis is a truly engaging paranormal romance that will have you wanting to peek around the pages - just to reassure yourself it ends well (Don't do it! )Full of twists and turns and some startling surprises - each new reveal leaves you with more questions - did he? did she? A must have for any Eve Silver FanI voluntarily am reviewing an Advanced Reader Copy of this book

    18. I'm not really sure why this book has been included under the Dark Gothic series. It doesn't really seem to have a lot in common with the other five books.I've read various Eve Silver books. I liked the other Dark Gothic books, and loved the Sins series. This one was okay, but I didn't love it. It was a little long winded at times and the connection between the two main characters wasn't particularly believable.This was an okay story, but not as good as the author's other books.

    19. Eve Silver has managed to create an atmosphere layered with tension, both dramatic and romantic. Bodies drained of blood, a stalker, a tortured hero, and an independent heroine, all meld together to create a dark and sexy gothic-style romance that will stay with readers long after the story has ended. A book so swoon-worthy, I found myself bookmarking snippets to savour later.

    20. Love Wins I had previously read the novella "Kiss of the Vampire", so I did not enjoy this book as much as a reader would who had not read it. Basically it expands on the novella . I recommend reading only one of the tales.

    21. Great book, bad endingI loved the book and then all the sudden it was rushed to finish. I really wished it had drawn out longer. I hate books that tie everything up in a nice bow quickly on the last few pages and your surprised when you turn the page and it’s the end.

    22. Couldn't put down Definitely a good read right from the start. Very different from the the previous Dark Gothic books. Suspenseful, twists and turns and has the happy ever after ending. Looking forward to the new contemporary Gothic books from Eve Silver.

    23. A reluctant romance, a murder mystery and a brooding hero. Dark Embrace has all the hallmarks of a dark gothic romance. Richly detailed without being overly long, the story moves along at a quick pace and left me wanting more.

    24. I fell in love with this story and it's wonderful characters from the beginning! It captures your heart and makes you melt for Killian and Sarah. It is a must read! I am voluntarily leaving my review after reading this arc.

    25. I LOVE the gothic romances of Eve Silver!! This one is a bit of a change from the others I've read as it adds a paranormal twist. Still, I was riveted and cannot wait for the next installment!

    26. I have read quite a few books from Eve Silver and have loved them all. This one is no exception. I could not stop reading. I loved the story and the characters. 10/10.

    27. Dark, beautiful, couldn't put it down. So wonderfully written. The detail and feelings were so beautifully expressed.

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