Her Perfect Stranger

Her Perfect Stranger pFor only one night Commander Corrine Atkinson lets go of her iron control and seduces a perfect sexy stranger Come morning control firmly in place Corrine sneaks out of his bed and gets back to h

  • Title: Her Perfect Stranger
  • Author: Jill Shalvis
  • ISBN: 9780373259786
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • pFor only one night, Commander Corrine Atkinson lets go of her iron control and seduces a perfect, sexy stranger Come morning, control firmly in place, Corrine sneaks out of his bed and gets back to her own life But Corrine s in for a big surprise Her perfect stranger has turned into the wrong man His name is Mike Wright and he s the newest member of the team she s compFor only one night, Commander Corrine Atkinson lets go of her iron control and seduces a perfect, sexy stranger Come morning, control firmly in place, Corrine sneaks out of his bed and gets back to her own life But Corrine s in for a big surprise Her perfect stranger has turned into the wrong man His name is Mike Wright and he s the newest member of the team she s commanding which means spending all day in very close quarters And he s wasting no time in reminding Corrine how good right it can feel to spend the night in the wrong man s bed p

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    1. Her Perfect Stranger had one thing I hate an annoying heroine. Hey, I am all for the feminist movement but I don't like a mule-headed heroine.Corrine is an astronaut, and a commander on a space mission. She has made herself an "Ice-Queen" to her people. She plays down her femininity since she figures she's a woman and instead acts rigid sometimes. She spends an impulsive night with a stranger who turns out to be Mike, her new man on her mission.Mike has returned to the States from Russia after m [...]

    2. Her Perfect Stranger by Jill Shalvis is a 2002 Harlequin Temptation publication. This title is one of those 'bargain bin' novels I picked up at my local paperback swap store. Jill Shalvis has gone on to enjoy countless appearances on the NYT bestseller list and is a heavy hitter in contemporary romance. I pulled this title off my shelf because I am thinking of starting a new MEME for my blog in order to incorporate more of my older books in with the new releases I feature on my blog. ( Stay tune [...]

    3. I always thought that meeting someone for the very first time and feeling an instantaneous sexual attraction is kinda sexy, not to mention kinky! That’s why I have really enjoyed Jill Shalvis’s “Her Perfect Stranger”. I have had so much fun reading it because some scenes of the story were really humorous especially the part where the hero and heroine were caught having sex in her office.Mike Wright had felt an immediate sexual attraction the minute he saw Corrine across the hotel pub, an [...]

    4. I love Jill Shalvis so I really hate only giving this one 2 Stars. I think the reason I didn't love it was because it was 10+ years old and followed the style of the day, in addition, it was written for Harlequin Temptation which has it's own constraints.It wasn't a bad book by any means but the story and the characters didn't really grab me.

    5. An older Shalvis I bought at a used book store. I enjoyed quite a bit of it, including the unusual job of main characters (astronauts), though I did struggle with the heroine at times. Her cold attitude worked in a professional capacity, but I would have liked to see her warm up more on the personal side.

    6. Good fast read. Corinne and Mike are interesting characters, and it's fun to watch the sparks fly :) I enjoyed that she was ranked higher than she was; that was a neat twist on things.

    7. Leído el 04/12/2011Protagonistas: Mike Wright y Corrine AtkinsonArgumento:AQUELLA CAMA ERA EL ESCENARIO PERFECTO PARA UNA NOCHE APASIONADASolo por una noche la comandante Corrine Atkinson se permitió traspasar las barreras que había construido a su alrededor para seducir a un sexy desconocido. Cuando llegó la mañana y recuperó el control sobre sí misma, Corrine salió de allí a escondidas y recuperó la normalidad.Pero la esperaba una enorme sorpresa. El desconocido perfecto se había co [...]

    8. I didn't like this much. The story was predictable, the plot was lacking, and the characters are annoying. Especially Corrine. The story was unbelievable. Even at this century, there is no decent woman who would actually have sex with a stranger, no matter how handsome or proper he is.For the characters, Corrine just keeps on pushing Mike away just because of her work reputation. I know that it's not okay to be in a relationship with a co-worker (that prohibited, right?), but Corrine is so lustf [...]

    9. Author: Jill ShalvisFirst published: 2002 Length: ~2200 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary. Huntsville, Alabama and Houston, Texas.Sex: Somewhat hand-wavy. Reasonably explicit at times. Infrequent.Hero: Astronaut (pilot).Heroine: Astronaut (commander).Trigger: sexual harassment.Strong woman, independent, in command. Portrays herself as the Ice Queen. If only she smiled more, says her would-be suitor.Carefree but determined Hero who goes after what he wants. And he wants her. Respects her as a [...]

    10. As a man, you can't help yourself, you're just a helpless slave to your body's cravings. Will that help you sleep at night?- CorrineHe was someone she could have allowed herself to care for, if she ever allowed such things. But she couldn't, at least not now. Some other time, perhaps- CorrineShe'd always told herself that someday she'd allow Prince Charming into her life, but the tuning was never right. But damn it, when? When would it be right?- CorrineShe was simply no good at matters of the h [...]

    11. I reckon this would have been that much better if the characters' potential was raised just a tad more. It was sexy to see the whole "strangers stranded in the rain" kind of kink played out, and even more intriguing once we find out they are to be co-workers, and then utterly awesome to see her as his superior in rank. That's ticking off a lot of good points already. I just feel that Corinne wasn't set up as well in her development—as if she herself wasn't quite convinced that she wanted the r [...]

    12. I never tire of Jill Shalvis. Decided to pick up an older read while I wait for It Had to be You. Loved it. I always become involved with her characters from the get-go. Not sure why others rated lower. The heroine was mule-headed, but she had to be since she works in a "man's" world. There ARE mule-headed people out there just made it more real for me. Read in one night - don't do that very often. :)

    13. One wild night, in a hotel room with a perfect stranger, just what the both needed before the hard work of preparing for a spacestation mission.Corrine is the commander of the team and Mike is the pilot. Can he accept a woman in charge and can she let down her defenses long enough to be loved?Character building and progression is the strength of this story and a trade mark of Shalvis. It was well done as the story plodded on.

    14. Never dissapointed by Jill Shalvis!!! Her Perfect Stranger wasn't any different! Corrine is a eoman advancing in a male dominated industry and felt she must be tough and utterly unlikable to maintain her position. One night of letting her guard down with a stranger and her whole life goes crazy, or so she thinks. Mike, her stranger, ends up loving the fact that she has changed his life. A cute story of letting down the walls of career to truly find happiness.

    15. This was a short, intense read. There was a LOT of conflict (mostly internal), but it worked with the shorter format. I understood the push-and-pull between the hero and heroine (who were both astronauts, btw: points for creativity). The heroine was pretty prickly but it didn't bother me too much, given her career.

    16. Two astronauts, commanded Corrine Atkinson and pilot Mike Wright hook up, not knowing who the other is.  Then they train togethere Ice Queene the shuttle commander and he, the shuttle pilot.Borrowed from S. Texas digital lib.

    17. This is my least favorite book by Jill Shalvis. I had a really hard time getting through it. This story was justring, in lack of a better word. Really bummed about that since out of the 14 Shalvis books I bought yesterday, this was the one I was looking forward the most to read.

    18. This was a perfect story, Love is not always easy. Love can be hard at times but when you find the one you love its so easy to just say "Yes"

    19. So this was a rerelease but I didn't know it. I kept thinking it was dated since they've cut the space program. Now it makes sense!

    20. I like the way the story in starts in Huntsville, Alabama then Houston, TexasYes, it about the Space Shuttle and love

    21. i love shalvis but this wasnt one if her best to much internal dialog and tge female character was one of those annoying women who push an amazing man she wants at every corner

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