Renoir, My Father

Renoir My Father In this delightful memoir Jean Renoir the director of such masterpieces of the cinema as Grand Illusion and The Rules of the Game tells the life story of his father Pierre Auguste Renoir the grea

  • Title: Renoir, My Father
  • Author: Jean Renoir Robert L. Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780940322776
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this delightful memoir, Jean Renoir, the director of such masterpieces of the cinema as Grand Illusion and The Rules of the Game, tells the life story of his father, Pierre Auguste Renoir, the great Impressionist painter Recounting Pierre Auguste s extraordinary career, beginning as a painter of fans and porcelain, recording the rules of thumb by which he worked, and cIn this delightful memoir, Jean Renoir, the director of such masterpieces of the cinema as Grand Illusion and The Rules of the Game, tells the life story of his father, Pierre Auguste Renoir, the great Impressionist painter Recounting Pierre Auguste s extraordinary career, beginning as a painter of fans and porcelain, recording the rules of thumb by which he worked, and capturing his unpretentious and wonderfully engaging talk and personality, Jean Renoir s book is both a wonderful double portrait of father and son and, in the words of the distinguished art historian John Golding, it remains the best account of Renoir, and, further, among the most beautiful and moving biographies we have Includes 12 pages of color plates and 18 pages of black and white images.

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    1. Jean Renoir Robert L. Herbert

      Jean Renoir was a film director, screenwriter, actor, producer and author He was the second son of Aline Charigot and the French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir He was also the brother of Pierre Renoir, a noted French stage and film actor the uncle of Claude Renoir, a cinematographer and the father of Alain Renoir, late professor emeritus of comparative literature at the University of California at Berkeley.As a film director and actor, he made than forty films from the silent era to the end of the 1960s As an author, he wrote the definitive biography of his father, Renoir, My Father 1962.


    1. The nuggets that I discovered throughout this book made it a rewarding read. Written by his son, Renoir, My Father is a loving memoir of the method and the man intimately seen inside the family. Renoir came off as a real character. A genius in his field certainly whose emotional connection to the world was far above average. He seemed to see things other do not. But he also came across to me as a man of contradictions, driven yet a believer in fate, deep thinking yet impulsive, passionate yet re [...]

    2. This is an amazing and intimate look at the life of Renoir through his son's eyes. The first of two extraordinary aspects of this book is Renoir himself. While familiar with a number of his paintings, I did not know much about the man. For such a prolific and influential artist, I am amazed at how much he disdained art theory; he went so far as to make fun of people who tried to discuss it with him. He merely tried to paint Nature by what was in him. He had a great appreciation for things made w [...]

    3. Not only is this a book about Renoir, whose tableaux peer out of every other art store on every mall in North America (what a curious fate!), it is also a book about Paris. Born in 1841, Renoir was older than most of the other Impressionists with whom he grew friendly later. He also had the chance to see Paris as it was before the Commune and the war of 1870. He lived a good part of his life on the Butte in Montmartre and it is hard now to recapture the atmosphere up there among the hordes of to [...]

    4. A most emotional and heart touching memoir book. If you are a painter, or a son, or interested in the previous centuries' history - this book for sure will enrich you.If you are a woman, a feminist, an open minded person, some of Renoir Senior's sexist ideas will annoy you greatly, yet the otherwise humanist ideas will enlighten you. How much ahead of his times he was!.As I reached the end of the book I got immensely angry and frustrated: the painter is old and very sick, a physician teaches him [...]

    5. I read this book in 1996 when I still dreamed of things like spending my life as a pastoral painter and being appreciated in my town. I always liked Renoir's simple idea-less paintings a lot and learned they were a reaction against industrialization, when life was more simple. Renoir was a relatively simple man who said, "you have to be a little mad to paint," and he was just normal enough to pull it off without slashing off his ear, or jumping off a boat. I thought there was a noble virtue in t [...]

    6. I loved this book. I'm a huge fan of Jean Renoir (the film maker), never that crazy about the work of his father the painter, but this book is wonderful. What I love about J Renoir is his menschlichheit (pardon my french) -- his art is great because he's a great soul. In this book, you see where he got it, as well as getting a real feel for regular 19th c life in Paris and throughout France, a broad cultural history of the period.

    7. Renoir, My Father - Jean Renoir 4 stars“Among seekers of truth, painters perhaps come closest to discovering the secret of the balance of forces of the universe, and hence of man's fulfillment.” I started this memoir/biography in November of last year. I was on the east coast for a family wedding, with several days to myself in Washington. I went to the Phillips Gallery to see their Renoir exhibit. This book was the perfect enrichment both before and after that experience. The filmmaker, Jea [...]

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    10. Jean is quite a talent himself, and his narrative skills as a filmmaker are evident in this loving memoir of a son of a genius. The book opens with the wounded Jean thanking a German sniper for wounding him so that he might go home to recover in the company of his aging father, at his father's last home, where he will gather the bulk of the material for this memoir. And where to begin? From the birth of Pierre-Auguste, of course, through the rest of his remarkable life, always entertaining, touc [...]

    11. I've just picked this up again after finishing Memoirs of Hadrian. The discussions of the "new" artistic theories of the day, and Renoir's friendships with Pissaro, Sisley, Monet, etc. are very interesting. I am also enjoying the many digressions about life in Paris at the time; these scenes and vignettes are vividly described by Jean Renoir. It is definitely much more of a son's memoir of his father than a standard biography. I'm not sure why his son feels so impelled to report, verbatim, what [...]

    12. I was reading this in the summer and left it in CT. I wish my mom would send it back. It was a really good read1 I finally got this book back from CT, and I still love it!. This book made me appreciate and love Renior even more. He reminds me so much of my Grandfather. He had wonderful witty and unique views on life just as Renoir.It was written by his son and through the whole tone of the book you could feel the compasion and respect he had for his father and his work.I thought he wrote too muc [...]

    13. Who better to tell the story of a great artist than his son! The book is filled with amusing anecdotes, historic photos, and stories about the "genius" as Jean Renoir calls his father. In his father's lifetime much of France was in flux with revolutions, changing governments and a great World War. Through it all, Renoir saw with amused eyes the bourgeoise, who with the nobility gone, thought of themselves as such. At times, when the author jumps back and forth in time and reminisces, it's not a [...]

    14. I love Renoir's work and was interested in his biography since it was written so intimately by his son. I discovered that he was simple and down to earth in his lifestyle, I could really relate to his philosophy of life, especially his view of fate,family and economy. I also recently visited Paris and the descriptions of the city and the changes that occurred at the turn of the 20th century were so visually written that it solidified my memories of different areas, like Montmartre. Very artsy, v [...]

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    16. What would you like to know about the most loved painter in the world? Learn it from the person who loved and knew him best, his son. I learned a new respect and fascination for this Pierre Renoir and can tell you there can absolutely never be another man like him. You will be blessed by his outlook on life and by his loyalty and loves.

    17. Um livro fantástico. Uma história contada por alguém que opta por se afastar da tradicional cronologia e que contextualiza a vida do artista na sociedade, na cidade, no grupos de amigos, numa corrente artistica e numa época. Uma visão pessoal e sensível sobre a vida e obra daquele génio da pintura.

    18. A very interesting read. If you are not a lover of art and the Impressionists, I would lower the rating to a 3. I have always loved his paintings and it was fascinating to read of his life and work. And what better author than his son? I learned much -that the Impressionist name was a bit of a fluke, that they were considered an artistic group that broke away from traditional painting, and, at the start, they often worked together. (Renoir, Monet, Cezanne, Degas, Morisot among others). They were [...]

    19. Here continued my quest to read all the book club selections for the year. This was probably the hardest one to get through. Only the quest and the fact that I was reading it in small doses on the subway when I had nothing else to do but avoid eye contact with crazy people got me through.Apparently, the New York Times said, apropos of this book, that Renoir was "unaffected, modest and genial."I would say, apropos of this book, that he seemed like kind of an ass.Often, Renoir's son relays pronoun [...]

    20. I thought the book was interesting in small pieces. The first two chapters were great because they had personal details about Renoir, like how he always noticed people's hands first. It also discussed his philosophy on life, and beliefs, and how they informed his art. One of my favorite lines was that "For Renoir, there was no petty or great events, no minute or major artists, no small or great discoveries." If all you did was read the first two chapters, you already got a lot out of the book. A [...]

    21. Uno straordinario affresco, se in un primo momento "abbandonandomi alle mie fantasticherie senza un criterio troppo preciso" come afferma l'autore mi ha un po' spiazzata successivamente ho trovato che sia stato il modo migliore per raccontare la vita del padre attraverso i ricordi così come venivano proprio come se stesse parlando ad un amico lasciandosi andare a quei piccoli aneddoti, manie, banalità della vita di tutti i giorni che sono tipiche anche un grande uomo di cui spesso si vede solo [...]

    22. Un portrait intime d'un des plus grands peintres racontée par son fils, le cineaste, Jean Renoir. On apprende le philosophie de Renoir qui dit; "Cette idee de Rousseau que les hommes naissent en sachant tout est une idee de litterateur. Nous naissons en ne sachant rien." (p. 78). Jean Renoir admettait en ecrivant ce livre que, "Je n'essaierai pas de combler les lacunes de mon recit en me referrant a d'autres ouvrages." (p110)On apprends les details de la vie quotidien du peintre, sa cuisine pre [...]

    23. This is a biography of one of my favorite artists, written by his son Jean with love and admiration. The book set my existence, in my mind, in Paris and some small towns the family visited during certain times of the year. The problems that the Impressionist painters had at first with public perception is detailed. It didn't seem that Renoir was too upset by it, he just kept painting. His son, Jean, shares Renoir's beliefs about many things with the reader, so we understand Renoir, who was basic [...]

    24. An extraordinary, tender, artful biography, by a great artist about another one who happened to be his father. If you love Jean Renoir films (and how could you not?), and are not as keen on A. Renoir paintings, this will give you a very new insight into the times, the man, and his many styles.Highest recommendation for the times you need to be reminded how great humankind(ness) can actually be. It also helps if you are missing France and need a big shot of frenchness in all its eccentricity.

    25. Loved this book! You not only get insight into Renoir, but to many of the painters of that period. They were friends, comrades and that made it interesting. Plus it spans a time from about mid 1800s until Renoirs death in the early 1900s so you get to glimpse Paris in a very interesting time. It is quite a span - from Monmarte being farm land and a queen still in the palace, the impressionist movement and how they were riduculed- and it is fascinating as well as lovingly told. It is a fond remem [...]

    26. The first 8 chapters are great! The ninth includes more adult- oriented material, so it may not be suitable for all and the latter chapters in the book tend to drag a bit, compared to the highly entertaining beginning chapters. In this book one can clearly see Renoir's thinking, as told by his son. It is refreshing and timeless- though through time social values have changed (for the worse, IMO). I great read whether you are interested in art or not!

    27. This is a little gem. Based on his own childhood memories, conversations with his father, and reminiscences of the famous painter's fellow artists and associates, Jean Renoir has created a unique and detailed rendering of the painter's daily life. He lovingly describes Renoir's philosophies and the sometimes quirky ideas that guided his work and his way of living. This book is moving up near the top of my best books ever list.

    28. Delightful biography written by a loving son. I learned much about Renoir the husband, the father, the artist, the friend and much about Paris and the times. My lasting impression of Auguste Renoir is that he loved life completelyand the world returned his affection. The book has made animpact on how I see Renoir's art. Beautiful before, more beautiful after.

    29. Wonderful book. A son, the famous filmmaker, at the start of his creative career, and the father, the famous painter, at the end of his. And all this against the backdrop of a changing France. Some of the lines Auguste has for Jean are so special, especially when he talks about the bouchon. Like Heraclitus and the river.

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