The Panther's Lair

The Panther s Lair Men are only good for one thing Sydney Chase may have sworn off relationships but she still has needs So she heads to the Panther s Lair in search of sex no strings no emotions The club owner dark

  • Title: The Panther's Lair
  • Author: Esmerelda Bishop
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Men are only good for one thing Sydney Chase may have sworn off relationships but she still has needs So she heads to the Panther s Lair in search of sex no strings, no emotions The club owner, dark, mysterious Raimond Decoudreau, is exactly what she s looking for his French accent alone makes her hot Fortunately, his mouth has other sinful talents, as wellAfter jMen are only good for one thing.Sydney Chase may have sworn off relationships but she still has needs So she heads to the Panther s Lair in search of sex no strings, no emotions The club owner, dark, mysterious Raimond Decoudreau, is exactly what she s looking for his French accent alone makes her hot Fortunately, his mouth has other sinful talents, as wellAfter just one night with Sydney, Raimond knows she s his And when the time is right, when she loves him in return, he ll reveal his deepest secret For now, he ll enjoy pleasuring her in the most intimate of ways.But when Sydney s life is threatened, Raimond s instincts take control, and she gets a glimpse at the beast within20,000 words

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    1. Esmerelda Bishop

      Esmerelda Bishop has always loved to read After having twins and becoming a stay at home mom, she started doodling stories to keep her sanity The doodling soon became an obsession Years later, she has an erotic paranormal titled The Panther s Lair published with Carina Press and one with Lyrical Press titled The Feline Fugitive Keep a lookout for Esmerelda s non erotic counterpart, Abby Niles Abby will make her debut in July 2011 with Defying Convention, a romantic comedy that adds a little geek to romance The novel will be available at Carina Press.


    1. SIZZLING HOT EROTICA!!!Fantastic writing, I couldn't put the book down. Even though the book is a short read it was full of lots of erotica action that will surely satisfy your minds sexual hunger.Sydney is just an ordinary woman who has had her share of bad picks for relationships that always turn out bad. So she makes her mind up to become like most men and turn her heart off and gain the attitue of fuck em and leave em with no strings attached.Sydney's stragedy gets thrown out the window when [...]

    2. A hot erotic read with a paranormal twist.Sydney, having been burned so many times in the romance department, had decided that having one-night stands is a much better way to keep her heart untouched. Out to get laid for the evening at the trendy club The Panther's Lair, she got picked up by it's owner, tall, dark and handsome Raimond Decoudreau . They had wild hot set in his office, and then she decided to ditch him.However the mysterious Raimond is not that easy to get rid of, and when Sydney' [...]

    3. THE PANTHER'S LAIR by Esmerelda Bishop was truly a romantic and carnal shape-shifter erotic romance! The hero, Raimond Decoudreau, is a shape-shifter, a panther, who owns a bar/club called The Panther's Lair. He is one alpha hero! He acts strong on his animalism instincts in both his human and panther form. His draw to the heroine was strong magnetic pull that he knew that he found his mate in her after many years.Heroine, Sydney Chase, is recently out of a domestic violence relationship, and ha [...]

    4. The Panther's Lair Esmerelda BishopPublisher: Carina PressPub Date: 06/28/2010Carina Press Panther’s Lair pageEbook provided by Carina Press through Net Galley in anticipation of a fair reviewRead on Friday, August 20, 2010Men are only good for one thing.Sydney Chase may have sworn off relationships-but she still has needs. So she heads to the Panther's Lair in search of sex: no strings, no emotions. The club owner, dark, mysterious Raimond Decoudreau, is exactly what she's looking for-his Fre [...]

    5. This is a super fast and sexy read with a nice taste of erotica with a dash of the paranormal. Sydney Chase has had it with relationships where her heart ends up hurt so she decides to have a one-night stand with bar owner Raimond Decoudreau. For a creature like him though, one night is not enough and Sydney soon discovers that man and beast can sometimes be one and the same.This is a straightforward story where the emphasis is on the sexual interludes. The interludes are hot and varied and are [...]

    6. The Panther’s Liar by Esmerelda Bishop* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*This novella is packed with a lot of very hot sex. Sydney has had a string of bad luck when it comes to men. She has decided that she wants sex and only sex with no strings attached. She ventures out to the Panther’s Lair with her best friend looking for a one night stand but instead she finds Raimond. She enjoys spending the night with him but doesn’t want to leave him wi [...]

    7. This was a quick, hot erotic short story by Esmerelda Bishop. I enjoyed the pace of the one-night stand that turned into an unwanted bonding experience Sydney was not planning with mission ‘Get Laid’. All she wanted was to be like a guy a think with her vajayjay and not her heart for a night of sex with a random guy she picked up at a Local club, The Panther’s Lair. What is her lucky but to get picked up by the hot, young owner of the club, Raimond who most likely picks up a girl every nig [...]

    8. So the main character, Sydney, has a stalker ex-boyfriend and wants to forget about him and her other failed relationships by going to a club to find a one night stand. Meet Raimond. Unbelievable hot sex. Best orgasm of her life. She leaves and gives him a fake number. He manages to track her down and decides to punish her by cuffing and spanking her. AND SHE LIKES IT. SHE FINDS IT EXCITING. Because every woman with a brain gets excited by that with a man she met less than 24 hours. She lets him [...]

    9. This book had so much potential! Loved the name, loved the description was thrilled to read it and when I did plop! Disappointment to the third degree. The main character, Sydney, the reader couldn't connect with her in the least bit. If you read this little story you will understand.The only thing in this book was sex, sex, and some more sex. That was this book. No love, no connection, no talking, just straight up sex. Which, hey that's all fun and whatnot but a better crafted plot and actual s [...]

    10. THE PANTHER'S LAIR by Esmerelda Bishop is an erotic paranormal. It is a short story, its fast paced, full of steamy sex, shape shifter meets human soul mate,full of passion, and did I mention sexy love scenes. A sexy hero who is also a shape shifter looking for his soul mate. A heroine who is human, quick witted, only looking for sex and has a stalker. A boyfriend who hit her, she left him, he is stalking her now. She meets our sexy hero, who just happens to be a shape shifter looking for his so [...]

    11. Esta portada me encanta mirar a este hombre con su camisa desabrochada enseñando sus perfectamente esculpidos musculos XD y bueno me gustan mucho los felinos asi que el hecho de que integraran a la pantera en la misma portada fue genial :pLa historia en general no es nada sorprendente aunque si lo es como piensa Sydney despues de sus rompimientos pobre chica que se enamora facilmente aunque los chicos con los que ande no tengan tan profundos sentimientosY bueno Raymond con su voz baja y acento [...]

    12. A short story involving a disillusioned single gal who has finally decided that she doesn't need a man in her life except for only one thing . . . and she decides to find one for just one night at a club known as The Panther's Lair. Her evening nor the coming days and weeks of her life don't turn out quite as she planned, and she again has to deal with her emotions rather than engage in physical relationships that are clinical only. It is also about the need we all have for someone whom we can t [...]

    13. The short length of The Panther's Lair impeded my enjoyment of this story. There wasn't enough time for the characters to properly fall for one another and read as "love at first sight" which I'm not a real fan of. Also the plot involving the ex would have gone a lot smoother if the book had been longer. Other than that the writing was good and humorous in places. If you're a fan of Moira Rogers or Shelly Laurenston then you might enjoy this.

    14. You know, I've read erotica novels before, but this book is so sexually charged, it's ridiculous! (In a good way, lol)You know, there are so many ways that erotica can go wrong. I've read some horrible books that just fall flat, and some so-so ones that didn't really keep you interested. But this book: it might be a short read, but the scenes are written SO well. There are actually times that you might want to go back and re-read scenes, cause you're thinking to yourself "wait, did that just hap [...]

    15. The Panther’s Lair is an excellent short story full of eroticism and strong sexy characters. This story is sure to delight the reader with decadence all the while building a fast-paced plot that leaves you ready for a cool dip in some water to control the sizzle left in its wake. Not many short stories can give you great characters with enough emotional commitment to pull off a well-rounded story. Esmerelda Bishop has penned an excellent novella that I would recommend to anyone who would like [...]

    16. Sydney Chase has sworn off all relationships after her most recent disaster of a now-ex-boyfriend. She decides that a one night stand will keep her going for a bit and finds herself in the mysterious Raimond Decoudreau's nightclub, The Panther's Lair.Raimond is dark, mysterious, handsome, all that you would expect a romance hero to be. But he is also hiding a secret. A secret that he is not sure she will accept.Another quick steamy book. It helped me pass by a long afternoon.3/5

    17. I was not terribly impressed with this book. As far as smut goes, it was okay, but the story line seemed to be somewhat lacking for me. I really enjoy smut, but it has to have a great plot to go with it.Sydney seemed to really give in too much to Raimond for my liking, and although she has "sworn off relationships" she seems pretty eager to get into one with Raimond. I think if Bishop would have had more time to grow the suspense of who is stalking Sydney, it would have been much better.

    18. I love shifter stories! This one is sexy from the start. Heroine is looking for something different and she finds more than she bargained for in the hero. What was supposed to be a one night stand turns into way more! For a novella, it packs a punch. I thought that it didn't quite carry the reader through the emotional points for the heroine, so there were some moments of disconnect.

    19. A quick hot steamy book that contains a sexy shifter, passionate woman and a crazy ex. Sydney and Raimond have chemistry and an instant connection that Sydney doesn't understand since Raimond is suppose to be only a one night stand. (Little did she know). Loved it.

    20. I Really, Really enjoyed this short book.79 pages of pure enjoyment and I wished that it had keeped going every page drew me in more and morethe Sex seans were hotter then hot and I cant wait to read more form Esmerelda Bishop.I highly recommend this book.

    21. One of the best short erotic stories I have read. Still not really a big fan of the short story format because if it is really good I want more, if it isn't that great it's usually flat and doesn't give the story time to develop but this one was well worth it.

    22. The story starts right off with the protagonist seeking to cure her conflict. Each page was interesting and the events were close and exciting. Good Read

    23. I really enjoyed this story. It was short but didn't feel rushed or unfinished. The heat between the two main characters was off the chart. Great story, great tension, great resolution.

    24. Other than the very descriptive love scenes, this story was pretty good. I am not big on Erotica and this was my first erotica book, so I am not sure what to really write. LOL

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